BMK appeared on Arirang radio show SoundK with DJ SeeAn on May 2, 2012.

It has been 3 years since she released an album. In those 3 years she was just living and enjoying life, and working hard while waiting for the right music to come to her.  BMK talked about her songs Blackout and Everything’s OK.

“Everything’s OK” is about breaking up and it is her way of saying that she will be OK . That everything will be OK.

“Blackout” is about having someone break up with her but that she will only hurt for that one day. Then after that day it would be like she had a blackout and completely forgot about him and the pain he gave her. Blackout was a recorded song given to her that she wrote her own lyrics for.

DJ SeeAn asked her about her marriage to which BMK answered that they met at an art gallery that they were both invited to attend. She went on to say that it was love at first sight for him but that when he asked for her phone number she thought he was a “play boy.” She admitted that now she is happy he asked for her number that day.

After listening to some of her songs listeners commented saying “this is definitely my style of music”, “beautiful skat cat”, and “her voice is amazing, the song made me cry and I’m not even sad”


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