I’m very disappointed in this interview. It revealed nothing about the music. It mainly focused around their favorite foods and places they’d like to visit. I felt no need to report this non substantial info. But here is some basic info on the group, pictures and a live video.

Skarf_superkpop2 Skarf_superkpop1

Skarf (스카프) stopped by the Super Kpop studio with DJ Sam. Skarf debuted in 2012 under Alpha Entertainment. The Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club awarded them the Rising New Star of the Year award. They released their first EP ‘Luv Virus (러브 바이러스)’ in 2013.

The Members::
Ferlyn  (페린) – Rapper
Hana (하나) – Vocal
Jenny (제니) – Maknae, vocal
JooA (즈아) – Vocal
Tasha (타샤) – Leader, dancer

Live Performance::
Luv Virus & Bye Bye Bye


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