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IZ (아이즈)


IZ was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Starz with DJ Leah. IZ (아이즈) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Music K Entertainment.

Jiho (지호) – Leader, Guitarist
Woosu (우수) – Drummer
Hyunjun (현준) – Guitarist
Joonyoung (준영) – Maknae, Bassist


– Woosu is the mom of the group.
– When they get some free time they will all visit their families.
– They live together in a dorm, and Jiho and Woosu share a room with bunk beds.
– Jiho wants Woosu to stop eating powered jellies in the bed because they power falls down to Jiho’s bed.
– According to the members, Woosu is the aegyo member.
– Joonyoung was voted the most talented member.
– Woosu would like it if they could all get up on time for their schedules.
– Jiho was really good at jump roping in high school.
– Woosu’s favorite animation is Hellsing.


Q & A::
Q: What is you debut single, 다해 (All you want), about?
A: The song is about saying to someone “you do whatever you want, I’ll be here for you.”

Live Performance::
다해 (All you want)


Ahn Yeeun (안예은)


Ahn Yeeun was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Ahn Yeeun (안예은) debuted in 2017 under Panda Whale Company (팬더웨일컴퍼니).

– She participated in survivor audition show Kpop Star season 5.
– 파란 (Blue) was inspired by and written after watching the movie The Merciless.
– The director for (Rebel Who Stole the People) contacted her to participate in the soundtrack, after seeing her on Kpop Star.
– Yeeun’s favorite part of making her album was seeing the things she drew in her head come to life.
– In junior high, she joined the school band playing the keyboard.
– Yeeun gets inspiration from various places.
– It’s important to her that she writes about her own life experiences.
– Her ideal type is someone who is a good person that’s nice with a good sense of humor.
– Recently she has been reading lots of books. Currently, she been reading the book that the movie Suffragette is based on.


Q & A::
Q: What does Kpop Star mean to you?
A: It was a chance to do music again. She started participating in the show after graduating from high school and was worried about her future. She has a clear path into the music industry and was wondering if she should give up on music and do an average part-time job.

Q: What inspired your new album?
A: Some of the songs are inspired by daytime, and some by night time. Daytime and nighttime together make up one day. That is why the album is called 일일 (One day).

Live Performance::
봄손밤꿈 (Spring, Hand, Night, Dream)

파란 (Blue)

Cho Hyungwoo (조형우)


Cho Hyungwoo was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be MY Super Star with DJ Isak. Cho Hyungwoo (조형우) debuted in 2013 under Mystic Entertainment / Apop Entertainment (미스틱엔터테인먼트/에이팝엔터테인먼트).

– He has substituted for DJ Sam on SuperKpop for a week in the past. He found it difficult and fun.
– He is trying to get more into acting.
– When writing ones he writes his brainstorming efforts and then puts them in the right order.
– He loves to stay him by himself. He considers it the best part of. His life.
– He thinks he has improved his cooking skills. He used the Internet learn new things.
– He is a dog person.
– He discovered he could sing by going to karaoke with friends.
– He says his best celebrity friend is Park Jaejoong.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about 꿈꾸는 잉여 (Afternoon dream)?
A: This recent single is part of the Mystic Entertainment Listen Project. He wrote it several years ago while participating in a survival audition show. The music video for the song features a cute cat. The song is supposed to give a “today I’m lazy, but tomorrow will shine brighter” type of feeling.

Live Performance::
꿈꾸는 잉여 (Afternoon dream)

O.O.O (오오오)


O.O.O was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. O.O.O (오오오) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Interpark (인터파크).

Sunghyun (가성현) – Vocalist, Guitarist
Yongho (장용호) – Guitarist
Jisang (이지상) – Bassist
Jinsang (유진상) – Drummer


– Their recent album has 7 tracks and is a continuation of their previous album.
– They’ve undergone some member changes nice their previous album.
– When they get together to write music they start off jamming (to just play without pre-planning).
– They try very hard to make their songs genderless because the people listening to their songs aren’t just one gender.
– Sunghyun is the member who gets lonely the most. He says it’s mostly at night that he has the most lonely tendencies.
– Jisang & Jinsang have the least amount of lonely tendencies among the members.
– Jinsang is a bit of a joker. He likes to do surprise attacks on the members.
– Their first solo concert was sold out. Sunghyun said he knew that was going to happen.
– They never expected to get #1 on the Korean Indie charts, and were surprised when it happened.
– Jisang always cuts his nails a week before their performances. He says cutting them the day off feels weird.
– According to the members, Yongho changes the most when they go on stage. He says that’s because he doesn’t have much to say so he tries to look cool with the guitar.


Q & A::
Q: Can you tell us about your team name?
A: They can up with the name first and decided to put a meaning to it. For them, it stands for Out of office. They like the visual aspect of it, and it also stands for “Oh” in English.

Q: How did you become a band?
A: Sunghyun and Yongho were playing in their room and naturally the feeling of wanted to play outside to the public came along. They decided they needed members, and went on the Internet, and searched for musicians. Jisang responded to their search and brought Jinsang with him since they were from the same hometown.

Q: When you make music what is one thing they are stubborn about?
A: They don’t want to sound like or copy anyone else, but they still want to sound warm and inviting. According to DJ Sam, they’ve mastered this technic.

Live Performance::
내일 아침 (Tomorrow Morning) & 눈이 마주쳤을 때 (When Eyes Meet)