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2 SoundKs This Week

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I will do both SoundK interviews this week.

I sincerely apologize for not being able to do the Victon interview last week. It’s not an excuse but I did fall asleep before it started. I just couldn’t force myself to stay awake any longer. So, to compensate my readers I am doubling my SoundK interviews this week.

Look forward to the following this week ::
Kpoppin’ – Hwang In Sun
SoundK – Lovelyz, & Brave Girls
SuperKpop – Yun Ddan ddan


Starting Again!!

Hi Everyone,

It’s Ziana here.

I’ve noticed on my SNS that people are still interested in this blog. And because of the continued interest, and questions I’ve been receiving in regards to this blog.

I’ve decided to… Start Again!!!

Just like last time I will supply a schedule of the interviews I’m going to post. Using this format :
Artist/Group name (Korean name (if there is one))
Date and Time of interview (Seoul Time)
Radio show name

I will pick and choose which interviews I summarize. I will only do 1 interview a week per show. That means 1 interview for Kpoppin, 1 interview for SoundK, and 1 interview for SuperKpop for a total of 3 interviews a week.

Much Love,
❤ Ziana ❤

P.S My schedule for this upcoming week start 2017/02/06 is already posted. If you would like me to do a summary for a specific interview instead of the one I have scheduled for that radio show PLEASE let me know at least 4 days IN ADVANCE.


Big big news!
Our writer graduated from her IT professional certification program today.


The moment has finally come. She is back at work, and new posts are on the way!
Just in time for Our 2nd Anniversary!!!


큰 큰 뉴스!!
우리 작가는 오늘에 그녀의 IT 전문가 인증 프로그램에서 졸업했어요.

축하합니다 이지아나!!

순간 드디어 도착했어요. 그녀는 다시 일왔다. 새 게시물을 오고있을거야.

Apology to the Readers

I would like to apologize to everyone.

As many of you have noticed there have not been many updates in the past few weeks.

I meant to post this weeks ago to give you a heads up. But I procrastinated and I’m sorry for not telling you about the current situation earlier.

I’ve been focusing on my school work. I’m taking certification classes to in order to get my IT Specialist certifications. As a result Arirang Radio Kpop Interviews has taken a back-seat to my study.

I will be posted several post in bulk within the next next to catch everyone up with past interviews.