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Britain Cheese (브리튼 치즈)


Britain Cheese was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. Britain Cheese (브리튼 치즈) debuted in 2016 under Tuny Music (튜니뮤직).

– He introduced himself as one who sings with emotion.
– His real name is Kim Young Min (김영민).
– He likes to listen to cold play.
– He has a girlfriend, who he’s been with for 5 months.
– If he would be a cartoon character he would be Jango, because he lives life carefree.
– He considers Standing Egg a role model.
– His parents weren’t very happy with his decision, but they silently supported him.
– He like watching movies in the movie theater.
– In the past he would say he wanted to be like this or that musician, but now he would like to be known for his own music.


Q & A::
Q: Why did you choose this name? What does it mean?
A: He likes cheddar cheese, which is from Britain. While brainstorming for a stage name a friend said “Britain Cheese”. Then he thought about how it old fit him, and that when he realized he liked cheese.

Q: What is ‘5년 만에 배달 중 (first delivery in 5 years)’ about?
A: Is about a person who likes someone secretly for five years. The song is saying I will deliver my confession to you for the first time in five years.

Q: What is the hardest decision you’ve ever made?
A: Continuing with music after high school when thoughts about the future and making money set in.

Q: What is 여사진 (Just a Female Friend) about?
A: Is about a guy with a female friend, and the friendly relationship that guys and girls can have.

Live Performance::
여사진 (Just a Female Friend)

바나나 우유 (Banana Milk)

Peter Han (피터 한)


Peter Han was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Peter Han (피터 한) debuted in 2017 under Movement Generation (무브먼트제너레이션).

– He was on Kpop Star, an audition survivor show in 2014.
– Peter Has been declared a healing voice by DJ Isak.
– His real name is Gallaun Peter Hyun.
– He has already served his mandatory military duty.
– Peter was on the national professional youth team for Skiing and Soccer.
– He is half Korean half Mexican.
– His mom is an opera singer, his dad is part of an orchestra.
– Peter would like to learn the drums.
– His mom bought him his first guitar.
– All the guitars in his ‘Sing With the Swing’ MV are his.
– He has 12 guitars.
– Peter loves Christmas music, and doing covers of Christmas songs.


Q & A::
Q: Did you ever take guitar lessons?
A: He took about three classes to learn the basic guitar notes and cards that can be played to all pop songs. Other than that he taught himself guitar. When he first started playing the guitar he went straight to trying to find the chords needed for the song in his head that he wanted to write.

Q: Out of you Kpop Star colleagues who would you like to collaborate with the most?
A: he would like to work with Sam because he would like to do a song than guitar focused. Sam is more rhythmic, and Peter is more melodic. and he would like to see where that goes.

Live Performance::
Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake (Cover)

NP Union (엔피유니온)


NP Union was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. NP Union (엔피유니온) is a hiphop brass band that debuted 2014 under NP Company.

Hyogeun (유효근) – Bass Drum
Jihwan (문지환) – Snare Drum
Chanjong (김찬종) – Sousaphone
Eunjae (조은재) – Saxophone
Joonsuk (박준석) – Trombone
Husoon (허순) – Trumpet
Wonho (최원호) – Trumpet
Rocky L (롸키엘) – MC, Rapper, Vocalist
Sangbo (안상보) – Susaphone
Bon Key (본케이) – Trombone
Jaehyung (윤재형) – Trombone


– There are two new members :
– Their first trip over seas as a group was going to preform in France.
They didn’t go exploring while they were there, they just stay in their hotel rooms. They also said that the food was not to their taste.
– Rocky L is most excited when he drinks.
– Jihwan is his own jinx.
– Joonsuk would write a song about either clothes or girls. Jihwan says he pays attention to his clothes in order to get girl’s attention.
– Chanjong is the power blogger of the group.
– Hyogeun says that Husoon gas the most, but only when it’s just the group, he tends to be quite in public.
– Rocky L said that being at the interview was hard for him, because he is usually heading to bed around noon.
– Being a musician the night time is there best friend.
– They would like to perform on Sketchbook.


Q & A::
Q: What is ‘Ma Mama’ about?
A: ‘Ma Mama’ is about saying sorry to you mom for living your life the way you’re living it.

Q: What kind of song is ‘Geeky Freaky’?
A: ‘Geeky Freaky’ is a song about people saying you’ve chosen the wrong path, and someone replying I can’t hear you ; your opinion is irrelevant to me.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: They get inspiration from movies, and what people around them say.

Live Performance::
Ma Mama

Day 6 (데이식스)


Day 6 was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. Day 6 (데이식스) is a boy band that debuted in 2016 under Studio J a subsidiary of JYPE.

Sungjin (성진) – Leader, Guitarist, Vocalist
Jae (재) – Guitarist, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual
Young K (영케이) – Rapper, Vocalist, Bassist
Wonpil (원필) – Vocalist, Visual, Synthesizer
Dowoon (도운) – Maknae, Drummer


– The members in the studio were Jae, Dowoon, & Wonpil.
– Jae has been dubbed the swag member.
– Wonpil & Dowoon are learning English.
– Jae is fluent in English.
– When doing music it is important to go where the music takes you, and write everything down so the ideas aren’t lost.
– There inspiration for the sudden beat change in ‘Dance Dance’ was the summer vibe they got from it. They were wondering what to do with the rap part, and the only thing that made since was reggae.
– Jae is happiest eating & sleeping. Dowoon is happiest when in feeling the love of fans and when they sing along with their songs when they are performing.
– According Jae, Wonpil speaks gibberish most of the time, but also says the most random words of wisdom. One time Wonpil told Jae “the answer to life is a part of God we’ve yet to solve.”
– Jae is a the groups shameless self promoter.


Q & A::
Q: What is ‘Dance Dance’ about?
A: ‘Dance Dance’ it’s a song that says let’s be lighthearted, let’s party, let’s dance, ‘who cares?’. It’s a feel good song.

Q: Can you describe your members in one word?
A: Dowoon – weird (says Jae)
Wonpil – bro (says Dowoon)
Jae – fresh (says Wonpil)

Q: What is your favorite English phrase?
A: Dowoon – no pain no gain
Wonpil – this too shall pass

Q: If you could switch bodies with a member which member would you switch with? Why?
A: Dowoon – Young K, because he is muscular
Wonpil – Jae because he is tall.

Interview Footage::