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Kim Mokin (김목인)


Kim Mokin was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Kim Mokin (김목인) debuted in 2002 and is currently under Electric Muse.

– For new years he went to his hometown to spend time with his family.
– He drew the cover art for his album, 콜라보 씨의 일일 (Collabo’s Everyday).
– When he is bored he really likes going to second bookstores.
– It hasn’t snowed much in South Korea but he I’d build a small snowman.
– He first got into music when his grandfather bought him a piano when he was 7.
– The song titles are part of a story and should be listened to in order.
– Debuted as a participant of Family Piano project. This project was an album with no lyrics and all music.
– He first starting sing when he was part of a co-ed group, where if you wrote a song you had to sing it.


Q & A::
Q: Can you describe your recent album 콜라보 씨의 일일 (Collabo’s Everyday)?
A: The main character of the album is Collabo. He is someone who does many different things. From the first song to the last song he goes through several daily life activities.

Live Performance::
댄디 (Dandy) & 계약서 (Contract)


Theatre8 (제8극장)


Theatre8 was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Theatre8 (제8극장) debuted in 2008 under Tripper Sound (트리퍼 사운드).

Sangwook (서상욱) – Leader, Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist
Seulgichan (임슬기찬) – Guitarist
Minhwi (함민휘) – Keyboard, Guitarist, Bassist, Clarinet
Taehyun (김태현) – Drummer


– They have not had a Christmas off in 10 years, and this past Christmas they were busy doing a show.
– Sangwook lived in Seoul by himself, and Seulgichan asked if he could live with him. Sangwook asked him how long he wanted to stay and Seulgichan said about a month but he is still living with him. Now all the members live together.
– Their goal for 2018 is releasing their 4th album. When? They don’t know, whenever they finish it.
– They have fallen off stage before, but they don’t consider it embarrassing.
– They would like to do a show in Leon, France.
– 오늘부터 1일 (love from today) was written for a friends wedding. They loved it so much they put it into the album.


Q & A::
Q: What does the group name, Theatre8, mean?
A: It doesn’t really have a meaning, however, the 8 comes from China, and is considered a lucky number.

Q: What can you tell us about 크리스마스 특선영화 (Christmas Special Movie)?
A: It is the first Christmas theme song they’ve made. The only thing that came to mind was how Christmas is done in other countries. Those thoughts played like a personal movie in their head and they wanted to portray that with this song.

Q: Why do you sing 별헤는 밤 + 꿈의 방 ( Understanding the stars + Dream Room) together?
A: The last song (꿈의 방 (Dream Room)) on the album is a continuation of the first song (별헤는 밤 (Understanding the stars)). It is recommended that they are listened to in order.

Live Performance::
오늘부터 1일 (Love from Today) & 별헤는 밤 + 꿈의 방 (Understanding the stars + Dream Room)

ICIA (아이시어)


ICIA were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. ICIA (아이시어) debuted in 2016 under DAM Entertainment.

Nayoon (나윤) – Vocalist
Hali (하리) – Vocalist
Hyokyung (효경) – Rapper
Riae (리애) – Maknae, Vocalist


– ‘새드 힐 (Sad Heel)’ is about a girl who tries to dress up and have fun, but she can’t because she’s still thinking about her ex-boyfriend.
– Hyokyung claims she has the sexiest body in the group.
– When Nayoon first saw Hali she thought she was a Sunbae actress.
– Riae bought her mom a supercar with money she earned working as an MC for a Chinese supermodel contest.
– A fan called in during the interview and Riae thought his voice was sexy. He had been a fan since 2015 and they were all excited to be speaking to a fan on the phone for the first time.
– In college, Nayoon was in a commercial.
– Hali and Hyokyung are the same age, but when they first met Hyokyung wasn’t comfortable with her for about a month.
– They have a special performance they only do when they go to military bases, where they rip their skirts.
– According to the members, Riae is really fast on her fast.
– Hali got her license to be a hairstylist when she was 16, but according to the members and herself, she’s not good at it.
– Nayoon studied aboard to learn English but was sad that when she went back to Korea she started forgetting her English, so she enrolled in a class to stay refreshed.
– They want to visit Switzerland because they have been getting a lot of love letters from fans there.
– Hyokyung loves her DJ-ing equipment. Her DJ name is DJ DoYou. Her music style is EDM (electric style).
– Nayoon will talk to animals that are a distance away and not looking at her, trying to get their attention.
– Riae’s dog, Buch, is 2 years old. She bought him thinking he was a Pomeranian, but he kept growing so now she thinks he is a mix.
– The aegyo member is Nayoon.


Q & A::
Q: What does ICIA mean?
A: The name was decided by their boss. It represents the feeling of tasting something sweet and sour and never forgetting that taste. They want their music to be like that as well.

Q: What are your hopes for the new year?
A: They want to become better known, so they can have fan meetings, concerts, and be part of the end year performances. They also wanted to become well known so that when they walk down the street people she is ICIA.

Live Performance::
위아래 (Up&Down-EXID cover) & 새드 힐 (Sad Heel)

Kim Younggeun (김영근)


Kim Younggeun was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Kim Younggeun (김영근) debuted in 2017 under CJ Entertainment.

– He was the Superstar K 2016 winner.
– He is a member of Deepkiss.
– Younggeun tries not to, but every once in awhile he’ll scroll down and see the comments.
– If he could only eat one dish for the rest of his life it would be ramen, especially if he could still be healthy.
– He would like to go to Venice and sing to fans on the gondolas.
– Singing the hook of a Hiphop song is something he would like to do.
– Before going on stage he chants to himself that he can do it. Then he shakes himself out of his tension so he can go on stage and perform.
-He is not sure but he thinks the lock screen on his phone is a picture of his crew. He put a picture there and hasn’t paid attention to it since.
– When it comes to his voice sleep is very important to him, along with A hot shower.
– Younggeun has weak vocal cords so he doesn’t talk unless he has to, but he makes sure his throat stays moist for when he needs to talk or sing.


Q & A::
Q: What was it that made you want to do music.
A: When he was 6 is mom sent him to learn how to play the piano. If he heard a song he would start playing the melody on the piano. He would always are with “singer” when asked what he wanted to be.

Live Performance::
아랫담길 (Under Wall Road)