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Sonamoo (소나무)


Sonamoo was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. Sonamoo (소나무) is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under TS Entertainment.

Sumin (수민) – Leader, Vocalist
Minjae (민재) – Vocalist
D.ana (디애나) – Rapper
Nahyun (나현) – Vocalist
Euijin (의진) – Vocalist
High.D (하이디) – Vocalist
Newsun (뉴션) – Maknae, Rapper


– They feel very very happy to be back on stage after their 7 month hiatus.
– Happy Box is a project where fans can get to know and see the girls before songs come out.
– On Friday night Nahyun usually play mobile games, and relax.
– Nahyun spends most of her time in her room playing mobile games.
– D.ana has been staring in Criminal Minds (Korea).
– High.D went on a diet and lost 6-7 kg for this comeback. She missed pig feet a lot while she was dieting.
– If Sumin wasn’t in music she would be either doing something with art design or teaching young kids.
– Minjae wanted to be an announcer in middle school.
– D.ana likes any shade of blue, but especially aqua blue.


Q & A::
Q: Can you tell us about Friday Night?
A: Friday night is about how girls can be going through hard times, but when Friday night comes that all sort of goes away.

Q: Who is your role model?
A: Newsun has no role model. BigBang as a team is a big role model for Euijin.

Live Performance::
금요일밤 (Friday Night) & Talk About U


Rion Five (리온파이브)


Rion Five (리온파이브) had a Star Date in the SoundK studio with DJ Stephanie. Rion Five debuted in Spring 2014 under Narda Entertainment (나르다엔터테인먼트).

The members::
Minjae (민재) – Leader, dance, main vocal
Royun (로윤) – Vocal
Taewoo (태우) – Rap
Jonghyun (종현) – Vocal, acrobatics
Yusung (유성) – Vocal
Kangsan (강산) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
Their recent single “뚝뚝뚝 (Tuk Tuk Tuk)” has a very powerful electric sound, and shows the members energy. The song is about a guy with a broken-heart. This guy wants to act cool, but his broken-heart won’t let him.


– When the group started doing their pre-debut promotions there were only 5 members, and then Jonghyun joined the group.
– The fashionista of the group is Minjae, and the fashion terrorist is Taewoo.
– Taewoo and Yunsung were voted as the most handsome members
– Minjae is the mom-like member
– The hidden talent is in this group is a package deal. Kangsan says something, and Minjae copies him. (A/N: It doesn’t sound like much, but when they actually demonstrate this talent it is quite funny.)
– They have a internet show, but it has no concept. They just behave naturally in front of the camera.
– Jonghyun was inspired to be an actor by Wonbin. He want’s to be able to act just like him.


Q & A::
Q: Have you ever cried over love like the guy in the song “뚝뚝뚝 (Tuk Tuk Tuk)”?
A: When Minjae was a sophomore in middle school he had his first girlfriend. At that time he didn’t know how to express his true feelings. He and his girlfriend ended up fighting, and as a result he got dumped. He received a card from this girlfriend, and it made him cry.

Q: What is he weirdest thing you’ve eaten on you internet show?
A: Raw sliced stage, and they made soup out of the stage egg.

Q: When and where are you the happiest?
A: Taewoo — right before taking a shower, and after eating when finished with practices.
Royun – on stage

Q: What are your upcoming promotion plans?
A: They will continue with their debut promotions. They may also be doing promotions in Japan in early June.

Live Performance::

Tahiti (타히티)

tahiti superkpop1

Tahiti stopped by the Super Kpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam Carter. Tahiti (타히티) debuted in 2012 under Dreamstar Entertainment.

The members::
Jungbin (정빈) – Leader, vocal
Miso (미소) – Rapper, vocal
Minjae (민재) – Vocal
Ari (아리) – Dance, visual, vocal
Jin (진) – Maknae, rapper, vocal, dancer
Jisoo (지수) – Visual, vocal

– They are named after the Island of Venus in the south pacific (Tahiti)
– Jisoo is known for her athleticism
– Minjae ideal type is Lee Jeongseok, but her type changes almost everyday
– Ari wants a nice guy but a guy who is only nice to her
– They all like nice guys
– Miso’s older brother is a baseball coach
– They would like to take part in the show Running Man
– Jisoo threw the first pitch at a baseball game
– Jisoo lived in the Phillipines for 2 months in middle school

tahiti superkpop2

Q & A::
Q: What is the difference between Tahiti and other girl groups?
A: Tahiti member love to eat. They also excercise very hard. they have a morning run everyday no matter the weather.

Q: What country do you wan to visit?
A: Tahiti

Q: How do you spend your free/down time?
A: Watching movies. They like action, and animation movies. When they are feeling sad they like to watch sad movies.

Live Performance::
Love Sick & Pretty face