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Beat*Win (비트윈)

Beat*Win was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Beat*Win (비트윈) is a male idol group that debuted January 7, 2014 under Heavenly Star Contents.

The members & roles::
Youngjo (영조) – Stage performance
Yoonhu (윤후) – Maknae
Jungha (정하) – Soft guy charisma
Sungho (성호) – Soft guy image
Sunggyu (성규) – Charisma
Sunhyuk (선혁) – Leader

About the music::
Their debut single 갖고싶니 (she’s my girl) is about falling in love and claiming a girl as their own.

– Sungho’s ideal type is a girl who can take care of him and is understanding
– Yoonhu’s favorite food is ramen, and all the members really like meat a lot
– The members have admitted to checked for their name or group name at least once everyday on the Internet
– Kpoppin was their first radio show since their debut
– Sungho found an article about his showcase picture which shows his abs while searching his name
– The members admit to skipping sleep in order to practice singing or dancing
– If Jungha had a super power it would be to stop time so he can keep longer
– Yoonhu talks in his sleep, he also makes fun of Jungha’s name in his sleep
– Sungho wants to visit any place outside of Korea

Q & A::
Q: How did you get the name Beat*Win?
A: They put the name up for vote and Beat*Win won.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: When Sunggyu first saw Sunhyuk, Sunhyuk was very skinny.

Q: What do you remember the most about your showcase?
A: Sungho was asked during a Q&A why he was the only member wearing black pants. He didn’t even realize his pants were a different color until the reporter pointed it out to him.
One member almost took over a part of the dance routine that was not his, but no one noticed his slip up.

Q: Is there someone who want to meet now that you’ve debuted?
A: Sungho – he is a Jumping BoA fanboy and would love to meet BoA

Q: Are there any concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: They would love to do a R&B bump & grind kind of ballad

Live Performance::
(she’s my girl)


Say Yes (세이예스)

sayyes kpoppin1

Say Yes paid a visit to the Kpoppin studio for this weeks Hot New Face with DJ Isak. Say Yes (세이 예스) is a idol band that debuted in 2013 under Media Factory Entertainment.

The members::
Hokyung (호경) – Leader, Vocal, Guitar, Flute
Junhyung (준형) – Maknae,Vocal, Jembe, Bass, Violin, Drum
Subin (수빈) – Vocal, Keyboard
Sion (시온) – Vocal, Drum, Saxaphone, Rapper
Sungkyu (성규) – Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard

About the music::
The title song of their current album, 느낌이 좋아 (Feel good), is about a guy falling in love and the purity of finding love. Subin wrote the lyircs and composed the music for all the songs on this album.

sayyes kpoppin2 sayyes kpoppin3

– Subin wants to perform in Times Square in New York City
– Hokyung is an easier crier and has a soft heart
– Sungkyu has the most cuteness
– Subin has played piano since he was 4
– Junhyung started playing drums in junior high
– They performed in a Summer Breeze Concert and they enjoyed it and hope to do it again
– Subin has been working with several different artist as a producer and song writer

Q & A::
Q: When you first heard the name Say Yes what were your reactions?
A: They had a lot of cool names to choose from such as red car, and ambulance. When their CEO said “how about say yes?” they said yes, and that is how they got their name.

Q: Your goals for the year and future plans?
A: They don’t really set goals. They just want to enjoy making & releasing their music, and eventually people will begin to recognize them. They would like to be able to do a world tour.

Q: What country would you like to perform in?
A: Hokyung & Junhyung – Brazil
Subin – Chili
Sion – Germany
Sungkyu – Peru

Live Performance::
느낌이 좋아
(Feel good), Virus, & Faith