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Khundi Panda (쿤디판다), Viann (비앙), and Sumin (수민)


Khundi Panda, Viann, and Sumin were in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Sumin (수민) debuted in 2015 under Luv Jones Records. Khundi Panda (쿤디판다) debuted in 2017. Viann (비앙) debuted in 2014.

– Khundi Panda said he can’t dance and he doesn’t enjoy vibe in clubs unless he is really drunk.
– Sumin says Khundi Panda and Viann know her better than she knows herself.
– Khundi panda lived in China for 8 years and studied in the international division of his school and learned English, and Chinese.
– Viann did a remix of Sumin’s song Mirrorball because as soon as he heard it he wanted to remix it. He contacted Sumin and she gave the go ahead.
– Khundi Panda isn’t the type to approach a potential love interest first.
– Sumin loves the Harry Potter series.
– Viann would like to learn French. Sumin wants to learn Japanese and English.
– Khundi Panda can’t handle it when things go wrong because of his actions.
– When they meet up Sumin tends the be the more emotional one according to Viann.
– Sumin said that Khundi Panda usually goes for all black fashion.
– Khundi Panda moved to South Korea when he started high school.


Q & A::
Q: How did all three of you meet?
A: Viann met Sumin at a club and found out that they had a lot of mutual friends. Since Khundi Panda works with Viann it was natural that they would all meet.

Q: What is Ms.808 about?
A: 808 is the name of a particular hangover remover medicine. Ms.808 is about a time when Khundi Panda saw a girl that was his type at a club. Instead of approaching her, he watched her dance and it was like a refresher for him taking away a hangover.

Q: If you weren’t in music what would you be doing?
A: Sumin – Something to do with music. Life would be hard without music.
Viann – putting all his energy into running his cafe.
Khundi Panda – probably artistic like drawing nice he does some graphic designing.

Live Performance::
Mirrorball & Ms.808


Sonamoo (소나무)


Sonamoo was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. Sonamoo (소나무) is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under TS Entertainment.

Sumin (수민) – Leader, Vocalist
Minjae (민재) – Vocalist
D.ana (디애나) – Rapper
Nahyun (나현) – Vocalist
Euijin (의진) – Vocalist
High.D (하이디) – Vocalist
Newsun (뉴션) – Maknae, Rapper


– They feel very very happy to be back on stage after their 7 month hiatus.
– Happy Box is a project where fans can get to know and see the girls before songs come out.
– On Friday night Nahyun usually play mobile games, and relax.
– Nahyun spends most of her time in her room playing mobile games.
– D.ana has been staring in Criminal Minds (Korea).
– High.D went on a diet and lost 6-7 kg for this comeback. She missed pig feet a lot while she was dieting.
– If Sumin wasn’t in music she would be either doing something with art design or teaching young kids.
– Minjae wanted to be an announcer in middle school.
– D.ana likes any shade of blue, but especially aqua blue.


Q & A::
Q: Can you tell us about Friday Night?
A: Friday night is about how girls can be going through hard times, but when Friday night comes that all sort of goes away.

Q: Who is your role model?
A: Newsun has no role model. BigBang as a team is a big role model for Euijin.

Live Performance::
금요일밤 (Friday Night) & Talk About U

Sumin (수민)


Sumin was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Sumin (수민) is an indie artist that debuted in 2015 under Luv Jones Records.

– Her mom was a piano instructor, and wanted her to learn piano, but Sumin didn’t like it, but grew to be thankful for those lessons as she started to pursue music.
– She would’ve loved to have collaborated with Michael Jackson.
– The first thing she does everyday is get into her workspace, and work on her music, whether she uses the track or not.
– There are times when she listens to old tracks she’s put together, and thinks to herself “Did I write this drunk?” and then puts it into the recycle bin.
– Her CEO, DJ Noah is so charismatic that he intimidated her at first.
– She’s a fan of JinBo, and when she worked with him she was very nervous.
– About a year ago (2016) she released n EP that she produced completely by herself.
– She’s a fan of DJ Bernard (Music Access).


Q & A::
Q: How did you come up with the concept for the Sparkling album?
A: She started with the song Sparkling, and then started thinking about songs to match. She loves 90s and early 2000s R&B, and thought about putting songs together with a Motown feel.

Q: What kind of track is Sparkling?
A: She didn’t write to be a summer song, but as you listen it gives off a summer vibe with refreshing lyrics.

Q: Who changed the most while you were working with BTS (BangTan Sunyeondan / Bullet Proof Boys)?
A: Jimin, because he came to the studio in no condition to sing, but showed his passion for music, and because of that she has lots of respect for him.

Live Performance::

Delight (딜라잇)

Delight was the Kpop Rising guest this week in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Delight (딜라잇) is a girl group that debuted in 2013 under Bros Media Entertainment.

The members::
Yundoo (연두) – Leader, main vocal
Soomin (수민) – Vocal
Jaewon (재원) – Vocal
Eunsae (은새) – Dance, vocal, rap
Taehee (태희) – Maknae, rap, vocal

About the music::
내가 없냐!
(Hate you) has a hiphop beat with an EDM style. It is from the female perpective. It is about a girl telling a guy that she has give him her best, and now he treats her like he doesn’t love her anymore. She is also asking him why he is changing his actions and behaviors toward her.

– Eunsae wants to be an actress. to be exact a cameleon actress that can move from genre to genre.
– New members Soomin and Jaewon showed their talents as per SuperKpop tradition for new band members. Soomin showed her aegyo and rap skills. Jaewon showed her singing skills and aegyo.
– Some of Yundoo’s favorite artist are Whitney Houston and Jessie J.
– In school Eunsae used to participate in talent shows showing off her dance skills, and was nicknamed the Dance Queen.
– As a whole the group is inspired by Block B, and Big Bang.
– Yundoo has always had a love for music, and started singing when she was in elementary school.

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Delight?
A: Their CEO thought it would be a good name for them because they are all ful of delight. They want to share the delight they have inside through their music.

Q: Describe 1 member, and what you like about your members?
A: Yundoo – Eunsae takes good care of herself. Taehee is very bright and vibrant. Soomin is like a model. Jaewoon is cute and always smiling.
The other members – Yundoo is a good leader, and take good care of them individually and as a group.

Q: Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?
A: To be like G.O.D still releasing good music, and to be a group that sticks together.

Q: What is your dream as Delight?
A: They want to e role models in the industry.

Live Performance::
Mama knows best (Jessie J cover), 내가 없냐! (Hate you), & Mega Yak