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Hey Girls (헤이걸스)


Hey Girls were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Hey Girls (헤이걸스) debuted in 2016 under Moai Entertainment (모아이).

Jandi (잔디) – Leader, Dancer, Vocalist
Heesoo (희수) – Dancer, Vocalist
Siyun (시연) – Dancer, Vocalist
Daeun (다은) – Maknae, Main Vocalist


– They were formerly known as Black Queen.
– Whenever they go to the karaoke rooms they always sing 2NE1’s Lonely.
– Jandi has a habit of not wearing socks when she’s outside.
– They changed their name to Hey Girls in December 2017.
– According to Jandi; Siyun, Heesoo, and Jandi are the dancers of the group. She describes their dance style as Siyun – Cute; Heesoo – Sexy; Jandi – Powerful.
– Jandi wears red DJ headphone.
– Daeun really loves her phone.
– Siyun was in the 9th class in high school.
– Their boss’ sons name is Lee Hyungsuk. (This was Heesoo’s speed quiz question to the members.)
– Daeun wants to be a president, just because she has always wanted to live in a building as grand as the White House or Blue House. She wants to try the food there and see if it’s really good.
– They are special ambassadors for Olympics. They are looking forward to cheering for the Korean Bobsledding team.
– Heesoo wants to live as Jandi’s dog Mandu for a week because Mandu’s life is so easy. Mandu gets food, water, bathed, and when she pees/poops its taken care.
– Siyun wants to try breaking her habit of eating a lot of trips.
– Daeun has a habit of staring off into space, not hinting of anything. This is something she noticed about herself after watching herself on TV shows.


Q & A::
Q: How is the Hey Girls image different from Black Queen?
A: Hey Girls is a more friendly girl next door image. With the addition of the maknae, Daeun, they changed their image to be more innocent.

Q: What is 너 아니면 NO (No one but you) about?
A: The song is about a girl telling a guy that it has to be him. The has two meanings ‘No one but you’ and ‘Only you.’ They choreographed the dance themselves. The main point being the bodies reaction to them putting a spell on you (wave dance).

Q: Why did you want to become a singer?
A: Jandi – always wanted to be a performer, she would audition and always got rejected until she became part of dance group Black Queen. Then she realized she didn’t just want to dance on stage she also wanted to sing on stage.

– Siyun – discovered after becoming a backup dancer that it wasn’t dancing she enjoyed but getting people attention. So, she wanted to become a singer.

– Heesoo – said she feels the same as Siyun.

– Daeun – being a vocalist her process was a bit different, she just did auditions and got in.

Live Performance::
너 아니면 NO (No one but you) ,

Music Medley (Lonely (2NE1), Despacito, Xiangnideye (샹니더예), Snow Flower (눈의 꽃), Love Is An Open Door (Frozen ost))


Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)


Dreamcatcher was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), formerly known as Minx (밍즈), is a girl group that re-debuted 2017 in under HappyFace Entertainment (해피페이스 엔터테인먼트) after a long hiatus, and reformation.

JiU (지유) – Leader, Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
SuA (수아) – Vocalist, Rapper, Main dancer
Yoohyeon (유현) – Lead vocalist
Siyeon (시연) – Main vocalist
Handong (한동) – Vocalist
Dami (다미) – Main rapper
Gahyeon (가현) – Maknae, Vocalist


– Each member has a nightmare position.
– SuA’s nickname is Purple Kim because her real name is Kim Bora.
– Dami is known as being very chic, and has no aegyo.
– Gayeon’s hobby is watching funny videos of people eat.
– Handong friends used to call her “gege” which is older brother (형/hyung), because her hair was short and she has boyish mannerisms.
– SuA cherishes elephant stuffed animals.
– Dami has a shih tzu puppy is named ttotto (또또).
– According to a quiz the member took during the radio show Siyeon knows the members the best.
– Their new album is a series album, and the story of the album will continue in the next album.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind Dreamcatcher?
A: It’s the Native American dreamcatcher. They hope that by listening to their songs your nightmares go away, and are replaced by good dreams.

Q: What variety show would you like to go on?
A: def con – a show that has artist dance really fast to their own songs.

Q: What other jobs would like to try for a day?
A: Siyeon – own an Internet cafe and play LoL as much as she wants

Live Performance::
Chase Me

Minx (밍스)

Minx was the Hot New Face in the Kpopping studio with DJ Isak. Minx (밍스) is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under HappyFace Entertainment.

The members::
SuA (수아)
JiYu (지유)
SiYun (시연)
DaMi (다미)
YuHyun (유현)

About the music::
The concept for their debut single, 우리 집에 왜 왔니? (Why Did You Come To My Home?) , is skater girls.

– SuA is the dance machine, and has been dancing since elementary school
– The veteran idols they look up to are 2ne1, DBSK, and SNSD
– SiYun is really into dubbing
– They are huge wonder girls fans, and want to see them perform soon
– Dami acts the most mature, according to the other members
– JiYu really likes ramen
– YuHyun takes the longest to get ready in the morning
– JiYu eats the most and has the biggest appetite
– They are known as the little sisters of Dal Shabet
– Dami is the group mom
– SuA wants to be on running man
– Dami is the group prankster

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Minx?
A: They wanted to show the minx side of themselves, by being bright and colorful

QWhat were your first impressions of each other?
A: When YuHyung first met SiYun SiYun had two tone hair and was a bit scary.
SiYun was reminded of her sister when she met JiYu

Q: What are your goals for the year?
A: They want to show their dance & vocals skills, and still be very charismatic. They also want to stay humble and true to who they are.

Interview Footage::