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N-Sonic (엔소닉)

N-Sonic was in the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. N-Sonic (엔소닉) is a 6 member hiphop group that debuted in 2011 and is under C2K Entertainment.

The members::
J-heart – Leader, rapper, vocal, dancer
Black J – Rapper
Minkee (민기) – Vocal
Byul () – Vocal
Sihoo (시후) – Maknae, vocal
Zion (시온) – Vocal

About the music::
‘Run N Run’ is about not giving up on you dreams, and has a hiphop rock sound. Forever was written by J-heart.

– Zion cried at a Japanese performance while performing a TVXQ song
– Minkee is the most active on twitter
– They live in a dorm system
– They did a cameo in a malaysian movie that was filmed at a Korean airport
– Sihoo and Minkee perform girl group dances at every show to make fans smile, this is also their hidden talent
– They started out on variety show Infinity Girls
– Some members are very good at Japanese, and J-heart know a little bit of English
– Eunho, Jonguk, and Yunjun left the group for personal reasons
– Sihoo does a short imitation of Hyunseung (Beast/TroubleMaker)

Q & A::
Q: What does N-Sonic mean?
A: The ‘N’ stands for neo/new, and ‘Sonic’ stands for sonic sound waves. All together they represent the new sound waves.

Q: What do the members mean to you? Family or just co-workers?
A: They are like a second family to each other. They think fans like them so much because they can feel the love between the members.

Q: Who do you shares you sadness and happiness with?
A: Black J talks with his parents when he feels sad, or happy.
Minkee tells his troubles, and shares his happiness with Sihoo.

Live Performance::
Forever (the very first live performance of this song ever)

Say Yes (세이예스)

sayyes kpoppin1

Say Yes paid a visit to the Kpoppin studio for this weeks Hot New Face with DJ Isak. Say Yes (세이 예스) is a idol band that debuted in 2013 under Media Factory Entertainment.

The members::
Hokyung (호경) – Leader, Vocal, Guitar, Flute
Junhyung (준형) – Maknae,Vocal, Jembe, Bass, Violin, Drum
Subin (수빈) – Vocal, Keyboard
Sion (시온) – Vocal, Drum, Saxaphone, Rapper
Sungkyu (성규) – Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard

About the music::
The title song of their current album, 느낌이 좋아 (Feel good), is about a guy falling in love and the purity of finding love. Subin wrote the lyircs and composed the music for all the songs on this album.

sayyes kpoppin2 sayyes kpoppin3

– Subin wants to perform in Times Square in New York City
– Hokyung is an easier crier and has a soft heart
– Sungkyu has the most cuteness
– Subin has played piano since he was 4
– Junhyung started playing drums in junior high
– They performed in a Summer Breeze Concert and they enjoyed it and hope to do it again
– Subin has been working with several different artist as a producer and song writer

Q & A::
Q: When you first heard the name Say Yes what were your reactions?
A: They had a lot of cool names to choose from such as red car, and ambulance. When their CEO said “how about say yes?” they said yes, and that is how they got their name.

Q: Your goals for the year and future plans?
A: They don’t really set goals. They just want to enjoy making & releasing their music, and eventually people will begin to recognize them. They would like to be able to do a world tour.

Q: What country would you like to perform in?
A: Hokyung & Junhyung – Brazil
Subin – Chili
Sion – Germany
Sungkyu – Peru

Live Performance::
느낌이 좋아
(Feel good), Virus, & Faith