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Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)


Brave Girls was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Brave Girls (브레이브걸스) is a girl group that debuted in late 2011 under Brave Entertainment (브레이브엔터테인먼트).

Minyoung (민영) – Leader, Main Vocalist
Yoojung (유정) – Vocalist
Eunji (은지) – Vocalist
Yoona (유나) – Vocalist
Hayoon (하윤) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They weigh themselves every morning, and they go to the gym everyday even when they don’t feel well they still go to the gym to at least stretch out their bodies.
– Yoona doesn’t like seeing hair everywhere, especially in the bathroom, so she is the one constantly cleaning the bathroom.
– They used to have 7 members.
– Yoona has three furry children, snaozer puppies.
– Yoojeong left the interview after the introductions and went home because she wasn’t feeling well.
– Yoona has an old brother who is 28.
– They go to other groups, and say hi your my sunbae, and then the other group would say no you’re my sunbae, and because they consider themselves rookies they are just really confused by other groups when they introduce themselves.
– Hayoon can impersonate Zion T perfectly, according to the members.


Q & A::
Q: If you do have your own variety show what would it be?
A: They would want it to be very natural, and in their home.

Q: What is Rollin’ about?
A: It’s a about having a crush on someone and wanting them to notice you, so you constantly appear around them.

Q: I heard you nickname in high school was hospital. Why?
A: Hayoon nickname in high school was hospital, because she almost got hit by lighting. She went outside to see a typhoon and the wind pushed her back inside, and broke her arm in the process. She went to a theme park with classmates with her broken arm, and received a broken leg while there. So, for a period of time she had an arm cast, and leg cast at the same time. Her classmates started calling her hospital, because of her get injured frequently.

Live Performance::


The Ark (디아크)


The Ark (디아크) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. The Ark is a girl group that debuted in Spring 2015 under Music K Entertainment (뮤직케이).

The members::
Minju (민주) – Leader, vocal
Yujin (유진) – Vocal
Yuna (유나) – Rap
Halla (한라) – Face of the group, vocal
Jane (제인) – Maknae, Dance, Rap

About the music::
(The Light)” they debut single is a song to heal the heart. They want the listener to feel that The Ark is a group that is there for them when they are feeling alone.


– Yuna, and Jane can speak English.
– The team vitamin is Jane, because she has a bright bubbly bouncing off the walls type of personality.
– Yujin can do an impersonation of Sujin (popular in the 90s).
– Minju is the mom of the group.
– Yuna wants to be a radio host


Q & A::
Q: Why the name “The Ark”?
A: Ark is a large boat with a biblical reference. They would like to be a team like that ark in the fierce industry of Kpop music.

Q: Who is the food fighter of the group?
A: According to Jane hey each have their food fighter categories.
Minju – beef and chicken
Yuna – ice cream
Halla – Korean food — mainly rice
Yujin – sushi
Jane – everything — especially chocolate

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: Jane – upon seeing Minju asked is she was Minju from Kpop Star.
Minju – saw Yuna on Super Star K, and she came across as mischievous, but is actually very lady like.
Yuna – Halla was very reserved, and quiet with glasses and bangs, and very pure looking like a child.
Halla – Yujin was overly polite
Yujin – Jane was a very open person

Q: Are there any TV shows you want to be on?
A: Jane wants to do a reality show like The Ark Showtime.
Minju – running man
Halla – vacation type of variety shows

Q: Ideal type?
A: Minju – not over the top, but still noticeable muscles
Halla – innocence face
Yujin- family guy, who cooks too
Jane – guys who cook well, and don’t tell her to go on diets
Yuna – a nice guy

Live Performance::
(The Light)

AoA (에이오에이)

AOA (에이오에이) was this weeks Star Date II in the SoundK studio with DJ SeeAn. AOA (Ace of Angels) debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment.

The members::

Name Position Angel Name
Jimin (지민) Leader, rap, guitar Jiminel
Mina (미나) Rap, bass Minaring
Yuna (유나) Keyboard, vocal Yunaria
Hyejung (혜정) Vocal Hyejung.Linus
Seolhyun (설현) Vocal Seolhyunari
Choa (초아) Vocal, guitar Choaya
Chanmi (찬미) Maknae, Rap Chanmi TT
Yukyung (유경) Drums Y (half angel/mortal)

Sub-unit line up::

Black Band White
Mina Mina Chanmi
Yuna yuna hyejung
Choa Choa seolhyun
Jimin Jimin


About the music::
Their recently released single album Red Motion features 2 songs. The title song 흔들려 (Confused) has addictive melody and lyrics that are easy to sing along with. It is about having feeling that cause your heart and mind shake. 니꺼내꺼 (you’re mine) is a cute and lovely confession song where the girls are impressively expressing ‘you are mine’.

– They have three sub-units AoA White, AoA Black, and AoA Band
– AoA Black +1(drummer) = AoA Band
– They watched videos from seniors in the industry to get tips on being sexy
– Fandom = Elvis
– They don’t have cellphones
– A male fan arranged a big display of flowers for Jimin
– Yukyung was hurt while practicing for AoA Band, her hand was paralyzed and had to have surgery

Q & A::
Q: What is the most memorable country you’ve visited so far?
A: Singapore because it was their first overseas performance.

Q: Were there any hardships when preparing for 흔들려?
A: Jimin’s sofa always needs adjusting for live performances.

Q: Which country do you want to visit the most?
A: Mina – Japan because she loves Japanese food
Jimin – USA

Live Performance::