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The Ark (디아크)


The Ark (디아크) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. The Ark is a girl group that debuted in Spring 2015 under Music K Entertainment (뮤직케이).

The members::
Minju (민주) – Leader, vocal
Yujin (유진) – Vocal
Yuna (유나) – Rap
Halla (한라) – Face of the group, vocal
Jane (제인) – Maknae, Dance, Rap

About the music::
(The Light)” they debut single is a song to heal the heart. They want the listener to feel that The Ark is a group that is there for them when they are feeling alone.


– Yuna, and Jane can speak English.
– The team vitamin is Jane, because she has a bright bubbly bouncing off the walls type of personality.
– Yujin can do an impersonation of Sujin (popular in the 90s).
– Minju is the mom of the group.
– Yuna wants to be a radio host


Q & A::
Q: Why the name “The Ark”?
A: Ark is a large boat with a biblical reference. They would like to be a team like that ark in the fierce industry of Kpop music.

Q: Who is the food fighter of the group?
A: According to Jane hey each have their food fighter categories.
Minju – beef and chicken
Yuna – ice cream
Halla – Korean food — mainly rice
Yujin – sushi
Jane – everything — especially chocolate

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: Jane – upon seeing Minju asked is she was Minju from Kpop Star.
Minju – saw Yuna on Super Star K, and she came across as mischievous, but is actually very lady like.
Yuna – Halla was very reserved, and quiet with glasses and bangs, and very pure looking like a child.
Halla – Yujin was overly polite
Yujin – Jane was a very open person

Q: Are there any TV shows you want to be on?
A: Jane wants to do a reality show like The Ark Showtime.
Minju – running man
Halla – vacation type of variety shows

Q: Ideal type?
A: Minju – not over the top, but still noticeable muscles
Halla – innocence face
Yujin- family guy, who cooks too
Jane – guys who cook well, and don’t tell her to go on diets
Yuna – a nice guy

Live Performance::
(The Light)


4ten (포텐)

4ten had a Star Date in the SoundK studio with DJ Stephanie. 4ten (포텐) is a girl group the debuted in 2014 under Jungle Entertainment.

The members::
Taem () – Rap
Hyeji (혜지) – Vocal
Yoojin (유진) – Vocal
Hyejin (혜진) – Maknae, vocal

– They do not have an official leader
– Yoojin talks in her sleep
– Tem is from Los Angeles and is fluent in English
– Yoojin was given a traditional Mianmar dress which she wore to the interview.
– Hyejin was not at the interview because she was taking her college exam
– Tem and Yoojin top role model is T. Yoon Mi Rae
– Hyeji eats a lot but doesn’t gain weight, other member envy her of this.
– Yoojin used to have a cat when she lived in gangnam, but when she moved into the group dorm she had to let her cat go.
– Hyeji’s grandma is her biggest fan, and replies to every post on their fancafe.

Q & A::
Q: What are some of the funny or scary episodes that have happened so far?
A: While sleeping Yoojin took medicine, but as soon as she put it in her mouth she spit it out, all while asleep.

Q: Are there any genres you would like to try?
A: Hyeji – to challenge the various hiphop genres
Tem – R&B, and anything with a good beat

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: Hyeji says one of Tem fears is gaining weight. Tem says another one is not being able to see her parents again.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They are preparing for their first comeback and second round of promotions.

Live Performance::
Super Bass

BPPOP (비피팝)

BPPOP was in the Kpoppin’ studio with DJ Isak for Hot New Face. BPPOP (비피팝) debuted in 2013 and are under BP Story Entertainment.

The members::
Jane (재느) – Rapper, vocal
Pyeonji (편지) – Leader, vocal
Siyoo (시유) – Vocal
Yoojin (유진) – Maknae, vocal
Inkyung (인경) – Vocal

About the music::
Their recent single 다퉜어 (Never let me go (lit. love fight)) is a sad song. They begged their PD to give them this song. Jane cried during the filming of this video because it was so sad, and they were extremely tired.

– They are all very humorous
– If Jane was a super hero she would be a powderpuff girl. Pyeonji would be Princess Fiona
– Jane wants to get closer to the Arirang DJs
– Pyeonji is writing songs these days
– Pyeonji likes guys with a manly image but seems like can be a nice guy too.
– Siyoo wants GDragon’s phone number and to get to known him better.
– Jane is a regular on Music Access with DJ Aron and Crazyno as part of the Wednesday corner GoGoTriangle.
– They filmed the 다퉜어 MV right after filming the TODAY MV
– They have upgraded their group introduction
– Siyoo has been trying to improve her signature so she practices writing her signature daily.

Q & A::
Q: What were you first impressions of each other?
A: Siyoo thought Pyeonji had skinny legs. She also thought Jane was mixed race like DJ Isak, but she is pure Korean and just speaks fluent English. Siyoo thought Inkyung was similar to a horror film character because he is very pale and has long black hair.

Q: What are some collaborations you would like to do?
A: Siyoo – GDragon
Jane – Sam Carter
Inkyung – San E
Pyeonji – Geeks
Yoojin – IU

Q: Do you feel like you’ve lost the cutesy-ness from your debut?
A: According to group member Jane, because of the type of song it is their recent single is they are calmer than when they debuted. She feels that they haven’t lost that cutesy-ness, since their everyday speaking voices still have that aegyo that was there when they debuted.

Q: What are your favorite colors?
A: Siyoo & Pyeonji – pink
Jane – brown & green
Yoojin – yellow
Inkyung – white & black

Q: Are there any concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: A really addictive type of song

Q: Your favorite cartoons?
A: Jane – south park & angry bird
Pyeonji – my little pony
Siyoo – hello kitty
Yoojin – has no favorite

Q: What are your pet peeves?
A: Jane – the commercial in the YouTube videos. It’s fine if you can skip them but she doesn’t like them. Especially the ones where after the commercial a black scenes appears and tells you the video is longer available.
Siyoo – when she misses the chance to say something she really wanted to say.