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IZ (아이즈)


IZ was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Starz with DJ Leah. IZ (아이즈) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Music K Entertainment.

Jiho (지호) – Leader, Guitarist
Woosu (우수) – Drummer
Hyunjun (현준) – Guitarist
Joonyoung (준영) – Maknae, Bassist


– Woosu is the mom of the group.
– When they get some free time they will all visit their families.
– They live together in a dorm, and Jiho and Woosu share a room with bunk beds.
– Jiho wants Woosu to stop eating powered jellies in the bed because they power falls down to Jiho’s bed.
– According to the members, Woosu is the aegyo member.
– Joonyoung was voted the most talented member.
– Woosu would like it if they could all get up on time for their schedules.
– Jiho was really good at jump roping in high school.
– Woosu’s favorite animation is Hellsing.


Q & A::
Q: What is you debut single, 다해 (All you want), about?
A: The song is about saying to someone “you do whatever you want, I’ll be here for you.”

Live Performance::
다해 (All you want)




Hotshot had a Star Date with DJ Stephanie in the SoundK studio. Hotshot (핫샷) is a hip-hop boy group that debuted in 2014 under K.O. Sound.

The members::
Joon Hyuk (준혁) – Leader, vocal
Timoteo (티모테오) – Vocal
Ho Jung (호정) – Maknae, vocal
San () – Rap
Sung Woon (성운) – Main vocal
Kid Monster (키드몬스터) – Dance, rap, vocal


– They are known for not having a concept
– Sungwoon’s ideal type is a girl with a great smile, an innocent look, and similar to IU.
– According to Kid Monster the manly man of the group is San, because of his voice and mannerisms.
– San is fluent in French.
– San was voted most handsome by the other members.
– Kid Monster was a member of a krump dance crew, and has dance professionally for several years. Now he wants to show of more of his vocal skills.
– Members say Hojung is addicted to working out at the gym.
– The mother of the group is Timoteo, and the dad of the group is Joonhyuk.
– San is the shy type.
– They all share one room that has 3 bunk beds
– They would like to try a romantic type of song.
– Members said San makes the most mistakes.
– Joonhyuk i a very emotional type of person.
– Timoteo’s personal rival is laboum. He would check feedback messages, and see that laboom had more messages than Hotshot, and he would get jealous.


Q & A::
Q: If you had chance to go on a trip what country would you visit and with who?
A: Joonhyuk would go to France with Timoteo for couples get away, because San use to live there and has been bragging about France.

Q: Who has the worst sleeping habits?
A: Kid Monster said Timoteo moves round a lot in his sleep, and San snores and speaks French in his sleep.

Q: If you had girlfriend what kind of Christmas present would you give her?
A: Sungwoon would arrange an event, sing a song, and give her a necklace.

Q: Goals from now on?
A: To continue to how what they got, and let listener hear more of their music.

Live Performance::
Call you mine (Jeff Bernat) & Take a Shot

One Way (원웨이)


The talented men of One Way stopped by the Super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam Carter. One Way (원웨이) is a three member Hiphop and R&B group that debuted in 2010 under YJ Media. They recently released 2 new singles; Beautiful day (종이 바행기) & Would you be.

The members::
Peter (피터) – Vocal
Young Sky (준영) – Rapper
Chance (김정) – Vocal

About the music::
The song Beautiful day is a song about remembering childhood dreams, and wanting that youthful innocence back. ‘Would you be’ is  about asking a girl to be you girlfriend. In essence the song is about proposing.

– Peter & Young Sky have a group outside of One Way called Detour.
– Peter & Young sky are from Australia & Chance is from the USA. They are all fluent in English and Korean.
– Currently they like Girl’s Day and Crayon Pop.
– Young Sky started dancing when he was 8 and has won dancing competitions. He stopped dancing when he came to Korea around age 21.
– One Way is musically influenced by Musiq Soulchild and Michael Jackson. 

Q & A::
Q: What are some of your recent collaborations?
A: Eunhyuk and Donghae (Eunhae) for Oppa Oppa & I wanna dance. As well as several other SMTown artist.

Q: How did you guys meet?
A: Peter and Young Sky went to the same performing arts high school. Peter met Chance in LA and later introduced him to Young Sky. They all met up again when they were all in Korea.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: They play games in the studio during their breaks. They also go out for coffee and talk about music and their work. Their work and their free time is mostly all about music.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the future?
A: They are interested in working with anyone you wants to experiment and try something new musically. They also want to do some work with Dynamic Duo and Drunken Tiger.

SNS:: (follow them to stay updated)
(Team onesound) Twitter = @onewayyoungsky @onewaypeter
Other twitter =  @onewaychance 
YouTube = onewayonesound 

Live Peformance::
종이 바행기
(Beautiful day) & Would you be