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Jang Moonbok (장문복) & Seong Hyunwoo (성현우)


Jang Moonbok and Seong Hyunwoo were in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star and Live with DJ Sam. Jang Moonbok (장문복) is the rapper, and Seong Hyunwoo (성현우) is the vocalist of this project unit. They debuted in 2017 under ONO Entertainment (오앤오엔터테인먼트).

– They described their friendship as Fantastic Chemistry.
– They edited ‘Don’t be Afraid’ over twenty times.
– Hyunwoo recently moved to Moonbok’s company. The family atmosphere was a big influence on his decision.
– They are on Produce 101 season 2.
– ‘그런 사람 또 없습니다’ by Lee Seungchul (이승철) is one of Moonbok’s mom’s favorite songs.
– Their project unit is the result of a promise they made to there fans.
– Hyunwoo would like to freeze time during happy moments.
– It was cold during the filming of ‘Don’t be Afraid.’


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about ‘Don’t be Afraid’?
A: One of the goals they had for this song was for it to warm hearts. They were very happy that a listener going through a tough time wrote in saying that listening to their song gave them the courage to keep living.

Q: What are you afraid of?
A: Hyunwoo – Ghost, he once had sleep paralysis and saw a ghost go into a relatives room.
Moonbok – when he was a little bit scared of his mom.

Live Performance::
겁먹지마 (Don’t be Afraid)


TRCNG (Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation)


TRCNG was in the Kpoppin’ studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. TRCNG (Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under TS Entertainment.

Taeseon (태선) – Leader, Vocalist
Jihoon (지훈) – Vocalist
Hayoung (하영) – Vocalist
Hakmin (학민) – Dancer, Vocalist
Wooyeob (우엽) – Dancer, Vocalist
Jisung (지성) – Rapper
Hyunwoo (현우) – Rapper
Siwoo (시우) – Rapper
Hohyun (호현) – Rapper
Kangmin (강민) – Maknae, Dancer


– Hayoung likes pepperoni pizza, chicken, and fast food.
– Jisung takes the longest to get ready in the morning. Mainly because it takes him so long to actually wake up.
– As a group their role model is B.A.P.
– If Hoyun was a girl he’d date Hayoung because he physically looks appealing.
– No one in the group is really shy, but at first impressions, Wooyeob can come across as shy.
– Kangmin thinks the best hyung is the leader Taeseon.
– They used to practice dancing to B.A.P’s ‘One shot’ at lot as trainees.
– There are a lot is members, but Taeseon has memorized the months of everyone’s birthdays.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is ‘Spectrum’?
A: It’s a song with a trappy sound, about being a light in a dark world.

Q: Who is your favorite rapper?
A: Hayoung likes Zico, and Jisung likes GDragon.

In The Studio::

Dick Punks (딕펑스)

dickpunks soundk1

Dickpunks was this weeks Star Date in the SoundK studio with DJ SeeAn. Dickpunks (딕펑스) has been active since 2006 and are currently under TNC Company.

The members::
Taehyun (태현) – Vocal
Jaeheung (재흥) – Bass
Hyunwoo (현우) – Keybaord
Ga-ram (가람) – Drum

– They keep in touch with the Super Star K contestants and cheer them on via a mobile app chat room
– Before they were a band the members all went to the same high school, and university
– If they could they would do a collaboration with almost any girl group.
– If they were girls they wouldn’t date any of the other members, because they already know all their secrets and worst habits

dickpunks soundk2

Q & A::
Q: Garam what is your secret for making you skin look younger and younger?
A: To look in the mirror everyday and tell your self you look good.

Q: How did you become a band?
A: Hyunwoo suggested to his university buddies (Taehyun and Jaeheung) that they should start a band. They didn’t have a drummer so Taehyun brung his high school buddy Ga-ram into the group.

Q: What was the hardest thing about being on the show?
A: The challenging part of the show was living with all the rules and regulations. There were rules for their diets, they couldn’t have their phones. The first 2 months were the hardest by the third month they were used to it. When the show was over and they were finally given their phones it was awkward having them back.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: Taehyun – Avril Lavigne
Jaeheung – Julia Roberts
Garam – Moon Geun-young
Hyunwoo – Miranda Kerr

Q: What was you motive for participating in Super Star K 4?
A: They were already known on the indie circuit, but they wanted more people to know about them. They choose Super Star K 4 over Top Band because the show had more entertainment value and more to show.

Live Performance::
(Sun glass) & 연극이 끝난후 (After the play)