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Fiestar (피에스타)

Fiestar had a Star Date with DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio. Fiestar (피에스타) is a girl group that debuted in 2012 under Loen Entertainment / Collabodadi.

The members::
Jei (제이) – Leader, vocal
Linzy (린지) – Vocal
Hyemi (혜미) – Vocal
Cheska (체스카) – Rapper, vocal
Yezi (예지) – Maknae, rapper, vocal
Cao Lu (차오루) – Vocal

– Cheska is from USA, and Cao Lu is from China
– Cheska has the most aegyo
– Yezi is the most different on and off camera
– The group has been on a year hiatus
– Cheska would like to get married in 4yrs, but that might not be possible so maybe in 7yrs.
– Hyemi’s first love was in her second year of high school
– Hyemi went to an all girls high school
– Every time Cheska goes to the gym she works out for 5 hours.
– Jei’s favorite Fiestar song so far is 비스타, because it is the first song they performed on stage.
– Cheska is not a diet person, and has a habit of eating in her sleep if food is around her while she’s sleeping.

Q & A::
Q: Where does the name Fiestar come from?
A: Fiestar is a combination of the Spanish word ‘fiesta (party)’ and the English word ‘star’.

Q: Do you have dating restrictions?
A: Their company encourages them to go out and date, because it is believed that emotions of dating will come rough in their music. Since they have busy schedules there is no time for dating, although there are some guys who have caught their attention.

Group Member Attention Grabber
Hyemi & Cao Lu K.will
Cheska Vixx Leader
Linzy Kang Dowon
Yezi Kim Woobin

Q: How did you come to Korea?
A: Cao Lu came to Korea to study Korean and Film Studies. While studying Film she discovered that she like being on camera. She then decided being a singer might be something worth pursuing.
– Cheska was in America studying Fashion and was contacted by a producer who saw online videos of her dancing. Her parents told her to go to Korea and now here she is.

Q: Are there any fans that stand out in your mind?
A: There is a male fan who does a cheer routine for the group all by himself during some of their performances. They can’t help but give him their attention when they hear that familiar voice cheer for them. Cao Lu has winked at him.

Live Performance::


South Carnival (사우스 카니발)

southcarnival superkpop1

South Carnival was in the Super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam Carter. South Carnival (사우스 카니발) is a 9 member Ska band from Jeju Island. They debuted in 2009 and aree under Rudie System entertainment company.

The members::
Kyunghwan (강경환) – Leader, vocal, trumpet
Jiwon (석지원) – Drum
Hyemi (이혜미) – Keyboard
Taehyun (강태현) – Guitar
Kyunghyun (고경현) – Percussion
Gunho (김건호) – Trumbone
Yugyoonn (신유균) – Alto Saxophone
Yongmun (이용문) – Tenor Saxophone
Sujin (고수진) – Bass

About the music:
Their music is generally in the reggae, ska, ska punk genres. They make island music with reggae and samba influences with the uniquely Jeju way of speaking. Some of their songs are hard for some Koreans to understand because Jeju has it’s own accent, and way of speaking that some Koreans are not used to. The song 고리봐야 (a more child) is a about a mother from Jeju talking to her child, and it has an Afro-Cuba sound.

– They were the opening act for Arirang’s 10 Anniversary Concert (2013)
– If Kyunghwan was a sea creature he would be a pink dolphin and look out for all the other sea animals
– They would like to be on Saturday Night Live USA, and would practice their english if they were called
– They practice 4 hrs a day, & they always practice at night, & if they have an upcoming gig they practice for 8 hrs

southcarnival superkpop3 southcarnival superkpop2

Q & A::
Q: Where did the name South Carnival come from?
A: Originally they were called Socialism Band but that name was too dark, and didn’t fit their sound or personalities very well. One day they decided to change it to something that was fun, fresh, and energetic like a carnival that traveled around Jeju sharing lively music. That is how they decided on South Carnival.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of having so many members?
A: The advantage is that when they travel they can arrange themselves quickly . The disadvantage is that when they go out to eat the bill is very expensive.

Q: If you were to do a collaboration who would you pick?
A: Skalite, an older generation Ska band whose members are slowly dying out. They would really like to just meet them even if they don’t get to do a collaboration.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They want to build they reputation slowly adn continue making music for years. They don’t consider themselves a Jeju band. They think of themselves as a Korean band that lives in Jeju. They want to represent Korea on a global scale.

Live Performance::
(Sea of Owner) & 고리봐야 (a more child)