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A.cian (에이션)


A.cian was the KStar & Live guest in the SuperKpop Studio with DJ 1kyne. A.cian (에이션) is a boy band that debuted in 2012 under Mono Music Korea.

The members::
Lo-J (로제이) – Leader, rap
Jung Sang (정상) – Vocal
Hyuk Jin (혁진) – Lead vocal
Sang Hyun (상현) – Rap, vocal
Jin.O (진오) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
“Ouch” is saying all the stress your feeling let’s punch it out. For the choreography they went into the boxing ring and trained for 6 months. “Up & Down” is an upbeat song with sad lyrics, and is about a unforeseen breakup. “Somebody to love” is a song for their fans.


– They had a 1 year break and during that time they went through a member change
– Before becoming part of A.cian Lo-J was part of a poppin’ dance crew
– Jin.O gets inspiration from listening to a group called Wait
– Lo-J is the human alarm clock, he goes to one room wakes up two members. Then he goes back to sleep until all the members have washed up.
– Sang Hyun was voted most likely to get married first, because when he is in a relationship he goes all out, and he likes babies.
– Hyuk Jin has a hidden talent for doing Kim Dong Yul impersonations
– Lo-J’s hobby is going on walks and to delicious restaurants
– Jin.O like foreign girls with long blonde hair such as Emma Watson(as a blonde)


Q & A::
Q: What is a feature about yourself that you are most confident about?
A: Lo-J is most confident about his long legs, even though he is a bit on the short side.
Jin.O – his charisma and manliness
Sang Hyun – his eyebrows

Q: If you had a super power what would it be?
A: Jin.O – to see thing far away in perfect clarity
Sang Hyun – to be invisible at will
Jung Sang – mind reading, to see what fans really think of the group
Hyuk Jin- the power to not feel tired because he’s not being able to go to bed

Q: Why name the fan-club Aura?
A: Aura is a light that shines bright, and they want to be the light for their fan

Q: What do you want to be known as?
A: They want to be known as the group A.cian and hope everyone likes their new song “Ouch”

Q: Future plans:
A: To do more promotions, and they hope to get number 1 on the music shows.

Live Performance::
Ouch & Somebody to love


Suki (숙희)


Suki was the Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Suki (숙희) is a ballad singer, and made her solo debut in 2010 under JG Star and Krazy Sound.

About the music::
“얼굴보고 얘시하자
(Let’s talk face to face)” is a sad song full of emotion. The song is about a couple where one person is saying let’s break up, and the other is saying let’s talk face to face & try to work things out before calling it quits. It is based on her personal experience and was written and composed by her. “어제까지 (Until yesterday)” is a sad song about a couple who until yesterday were so in love, but to today they are broken up & complete strangers. “마취 (Anesthesia)” is about a couple that breaks up, because neither of their families supports the relationship.


– She is a member of Woman Power (우먼파워) (2009)
– Her real name is Jin Jung Yun (진정연)
– Her dream as a kid was to be a detective
– Reading science fiction mystery books is her hobby
– Mariah Carey is her biggest musical inspiration and has been since her kindergarten years
– If she had to choose just one of her songs as her favorite it would be her debut single, “One love”
– Her favorite collaboration so far is “바보가슴 (Foolish heart)” with Hwan Hee, if she had to pick just one.
– If she could go on vacation anywhere in the world she would like to go to Paris, France
– Other than music one of her hidden talents is doing/making make-up
– She doesn’t believe that she has particularly pretty face but thinks she has beautiful skin. She says the secret to pretty skin, is lots of sleep and drinking plenty of water.

Q & A::
Q: Why the name 숙희 (Suki)?
A: Her producer decided on that name, because they wanted her to have a vary Asian name that was full of energy.

Q: Do you have any memorable fans?
A: There is a fan sh can never forget. A girl who has been a fan since elementary school, and is now in high school. She gave Suki a present that she made with her classmates.

Q: What do you want people to think about when they listen to your music?
A: To gain some strength out of the music.

Q: What is your dream as Suki?
A: To sing for a very very long time, and hopes that people will love her music.

Live Performance::
(Anesthesia) & 얼굴보고 얘시하자 (Let’s talk face to face)

Bernard Park (버나드 박)

Bernard Park was the KStar & Live in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Bernard Park (버나드 박) debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment.

About the music::
The album was put together in such as way as to show the world who Bernard Park really is and his personality. With his debut album they didn’t want to stray to far from the style he used during Kpop Star. “Before the rain” is a song that was given to him which he connected to immediately. While recording the song he thought about his experiences with the survival show Kpop Star.

– His favoriate song on the album is “before the rain” and ” (one more day).”
– Bernard values sleep more than food.
– He would like to collaborate with 15&, out of that collaboration he thinks Neo Soul would be the type of music they would create.
– His CEO, JYP, is always buying him cardigans.
– He diets and excercise so that he can eat more, and as a result ends up losing weight.
– In the USA his music style is considered Old School.
– He made his debut with a sore throat.
– Bernard’s parent have always been supportive.
– He never really thought it was possible to become a singer because of how hard it is in the USA, but he heard that Kpop Star was having auditions in Atlanta and decided to give it a try.
– He thinks Got7 and 15& are the people in his company closest to him because they can speak english with him.
– Bernard would like to learn Japanese.
– He thinks anyone can train to be good singers, but the hard part is feeling the emotion of a song when singing, as well as truly understanding and believing in the lyrics.

Q & A::
Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
A: Michael Jordan, because of his persistance and competitve drive

Q: What is your dream as Bernard Park the singer?
A: To do a lot of live performances where there are tons of people in the audience, and where he can feel all the love from those people.

Interview Footage::

Gavy NJ (가비엔제이)

Gavy NJ was the Kpop Rising artist in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Gavy NJ (가비엔제이) debuted in 2005, and is currently under Goodfellas Entertainment.

The members::
Jenny (제니) – Vocal
Gunji (건지) – Vocal
Sihyun (시현) – Vocal

About the music::
The recently released mini album, She, comes after a two year hiatus. Their title song, “좋겠다 (I wish),” was co-written by Jenny, and is about a sad song about a one sided love. “뿔 (horns)” is a sweet song from a girls perspective telling a guy not to do something in a cute way. The album feature some love song and some song about break-ups..

– Gunji likes to cook
– Jenny has 2 dogs, and Sihyun has 5 cats, Gunji has no pets but wants an eguana
– When putting an album together the thing they take the most care with is their vocal cords
– Gunji is learning Chinese
– Jenny likes to do yoga
– Gunji is the most charismatic member of the group
– Sihyun likes to go swimming
– Jenny wants to try doing a sweet love song
– Jenny say Gunji is the best dancer in the group, but Gunji says she can’t dance at all

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Gavy NJ?
A: Gavy means queen of music, and the N is the initial for Sihyun’s last name. J stands for Jenny and Gunji.

Q: What is your favorite season?
A: Jenny – Fall
Gunji – Spring
Sihyun – Summer

Q: What is your wish?
A: Jenny – to get number 1 on a music show
Gunji – to eat something spicy after the show
Sihyun – wants to get prettier

Q: If you could perform anywhere in the world where would you go?
A: Gunji – China
Sihyun – New York

Q: Ideal type?
A: Gunji – sweet and caring
Sihyun – a guy who appears cold ont he outside but when your get to know him he is warm towards you. A guy with puppy/leaf eyes
Jenny – caring and manly leader type of guy

Q: What is you goal for the future?
A: When people think of ballad songs, they want Gavy NJ to be the first thing that comes to mind. They also want to have a solo concert.

Live Performance::
(I wish) & 해바라기 (Sunflower)