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Blanc7 (블랑7)


Blanc 7 was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Hot New Face with DJ Isak. Blanc 7 (블랑7) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Jackpot Entertainment (잭팟엔터테인먼트).

JeanPaul (쟝폴) – Leader
Spak (스팍) – B-boy
DL (디엘) – Dancer
Shinwoo (신우) – Main Vocalist, Dancer
Teno (테노) – Dancer
Taichi (타이치) – Sub Vocalist
Key Kid (케이키드) – Second Vocalist


– Spak has set a challenge for himself to post one video a week to their YouTube showing his b-boy skills.
– According to the members the most competitive member is JeanPaul.
– Teno used to be part of a dance team, and that’s how he met Shinwoo.
– Shinwoo has already survived his military duty, & he plays the alto saxophone.
– Taichi never danced until he came to Korea, and says he takes him a while to learn the choreography.
– When Taichi was in Taiwan he played the drums.
– According to members is the sexiest member, and he knows it.
– Shinwoo likes going to the practice hall early, and listen to girl group dances.
– The quirkiest member is JeanPaul, and he has a lot of energy from the time he wakes up until bed time.
– The one who eats the most is JeanPaul. He went to a store and bought 4 packs a ramen, 3 triangle packs, some other things, and ate all of it one setting.
– To show some hidden talents Shinwoo did 3 voice impersonations in 30 seconds.
– Sometimes when they go overseas people mistake Spak for BTS’s Jimin.
– Shinwoo had a chance to be in the musical Hamlet, but because of group promotion schedules overlapping, he had to give up the role. He would like to participate again in the future.
– When it comes to collaborations within the group JeanPaul would like to see Taichi play drums while Spak b-boys to the beat.
– Their role model as a group is BTS.


Q & A::
Q: What does Blanc 7 mean?
A: Blanc means white in French. Their fan club is Prism, because they want to show their individual colors to their fans just like when white light hits a prism, and shows it’s individual colors.

Q: There are many profiles online written for by foreigners. Can you please give your thoughts about this?
A: DL – The profiles are saying that I’m the older of Milo from Romeo, but I’m not related to him at all. We met for the first time at a broadcast program yesterday (2017-03-22), and I’d like to get close with him in the future.

Q: What are Yeah & Fire about?
A: Yeah is a rhythmic song that shows off a guys sexiness. Fire is a completely different image from Yeah. Fire is a soft song with an innocent feel, and is about a guy showing his feelings.

Live Performance::

Hwang In Sun (황인선)


Hwang In Sun was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin’ studio with DJ Isak. Hwang In Sun (황인선) debuted at 27 in 2016 and is currently under Hi Entertainment (Hi 엔터테인먼트).


– She started her music career at 26 with audition program Produce 101, which is considered too late to be in a girl group, therefore she went solo.
– She’s been dancing from a young age.
– She write her own songs, and makes bracelets and other DIY stuff.
– She started off with ballads, because she believes that in order to be considered a true vocalist you have to be able to tackle a ballads.
– She was known as Hwang Imo (황이모/ Aunt Hwang) on Produce 101 with the catch phrase ‘Make Some Noise!’
– She was student president in her school days.
– She admits to crying when she gets upset.
– She says broadcast where you eat are very hard.
– She can play the piano a little bit, and would love to learn how to play the electric guitar.


Q & A::
Q: What is you song creation process?
A: She takes whatever comes to her first (usually the melody), and then thinks “what instruments can I put with this?” She feels that since she’s already sitting down writing what came to her, she might as well try to finish it. If she’s having a bad day she will start humming a melody that she’s been thinking about, and try to figure out what has her feeling so down. Some of her songs come from doing that.

Q: What is 사랑애 (Sorrow) about?
A: Is the first song she released as a solo artist. It is about being in a relationship, and feeling the break up coming. It is expressing the sorrow that comes from such a situation.

Q: What was it like being on Produce 101?
A: They split the participates into group A, B, C and so on. When you ate, where you slept depended on which group you were in. She was given the number 98 before even auditioning, and 97 other girls were already in the room with the judges. When she walked in everyone was looking at her as if they were dissecting her with their eyes. She feels that was one of the most emotional parts of being part of the program. Overall it was a good experience.

Live Performance::
사랑애 (Sorrow)

Han Heejun (한희준)


Han Heejun was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Star Close-Up with DJ Isak. Han Heejun (한희준) debuted in 2012 under Daylight Polaris Entertainment (일광폴라리스 엔터테인먼트).

– He has done a lot of soundtracks, a musical, and audition programs, but just released his first album in 2017.
– He is fluent in English.
– Music for him is like a cellphone, he doesn’t love it, but he needs it.
– Most of the time the lyrics and melody come together when he is making music.
– He is going to release to more CDs, and they are a continuation of the recent album. Which will be the PG version of his experiences.
– He says he never wrote a song for someone else, he wrote them for himself, but then ends up tossing them at others.
– He loves to eat, and did a V app food show.
– He feels like he is ready to show all sides of his personal life to the public, in terms of shows like “I live alone.”
– He doesn’t like big anything, he is very simple and minimalist.
– He says he sleeps in only his underwear.
– His fan club name is RicJu (릭주).
– He is a Lord of the Rings fan, so he would like to visit New Zealand.
– He loves purple, but he feels like purple is a lonely color.
– He feels like a lot of his inspiration from from prayer, because he feels like a lot inspiration can’t possible come from the world.
– He spends a lot time praying, and reading his bible, and finding great artist that are unknown, and give them some love.
– He loves Korean food, and if he could would name his son Hansik (한식) because his last name is Han and sik means food.


Q & A::
Q: Tells us about ‘그대여’?
A: He said it’s one of his favorites. It was done in one shot, with just him the mic and the piano man. And they asked each other “what can we do to woo our girlfriends?” at the time they didn’t have any without money. They decided on a song. They sent it to there girlfriends, and they girlfriends loved it, so they put it on an album. He went onto say that he is currently single.

Q: I heard you did two audition shows one in The States, and one in Korea. Tell me more about that.
A: He says he knew he could sing in his shower, but his first time singing in public was in front of Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, and he was very nervous. He did it to get some TV time for the organization he was part of. Then he wanted some love from his own people (Koreans) so he ended up doing an audition show in Korea.

Q: If you had a chance to be an Mc on Radio Star, or go to number 1 on the charts which would you choose?
A: Go to number 1 on the charts.

Q: Plans for the foreseeable future?
A: He will be promoting ‘생각나 (Think of You)’ until the end of March. Then might be starting promotion from something new.

Live Performance::
생각나 (Think of You)

Esbee (에스비)


ESBEE was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Star Close-up with DJ Isak. ESBEE (에스비) debuted in 2016 under BrandNew Music (브랜뉴뮤직) & Korean Roulette (코리안룰렛).

– His real name is Kim Heon Ju (김헌주)
– He was able to participate in the soundtrack of the drama ‘Woman with the suitcase’.
– He loves taking walks, calling instead of texting, photographs rather than paintings, love, and dawn.
– He loves summer because he likes the Ocean, he doesn’t like winter because its cold, and in the winter the studio is dry & it’s burdensome for him.
– He likes silence and staying still because he can’t multitask at all. He needs to focus on what he is doing, and he can’t do that when others are talking around him.
– He likes guitar, but he gave up on it when it came to learning F cords or bar cords. He feels like he likes it so much because he can’t play it.
– The original version of ‘Fly Me To The Mood’ was a deep house melody.
– ‘Fly Me To The Mood’ was inspired by his experiences, and films. It is about two lovers walking each other home.
– In college his major was for translating English.
– He would like to team up with Hyorin if he ever has the opportunity to do so.


Q & A::
Q: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in the industry?
A: Even though you might have a genre that your prefer, listen to other genres and get a feel for them so that you can be an open artist. You might want to incorporate that genre into your sound.

Q: How did spend the two seasons since you last visit to the Kpoppin’ studio?
A: He did a lot of odd projects, and looking back he realized how busy 2016 was for him.

Q: When it comes to recording and producing what do you like to do?
A: When recording he likes to focus on his voice, and getting his vocals the way he wants them. When producing he has one or two dim scented candles in the study with him.

Q: Plans for the foreseeable future?
A: He putting together a full length album.

Live Performance::
Fly Me To The Mood (데려다줘)