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Kim Younggeun (김영근)


Kim Younggeun was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Kim Younggeun (김영근) debuted in 2017 under CJ Entertainment.

– He was the Superstar K 2016 winner.
– He is a member of Deepkiss.
– Younggeun tries not to, but every once in awhile he’ll scroll down and see the comments.
– If he could only eat one dish for the rest of his life it would be ramen, especially if he could still be healthy.
– He would like to go to Venice and sing to fans on the gondolas.
– Singing the hook of a Hiphop song is something he would like to do.
– Before going on stage he chants to himself that he can do it. Then he shakes himself out of his tension so he can go on stage and perform.
-He is not sure but he thinks the lock screen on his phone is a picture of his crew. He put a picture there and hasn’t paid attention to it since.
– When it comes to his voice sleep is very important to him, along with A hot shower.
– Younggeun has weak vocal cords so he doesn’t talk unless he has to, but he makes sure his throat stays moist for when he needs to talk or sing.


Q & A::
Q: What was it that made you want to do music.
A: When he was 6 is mom sent him to learn how to play the piano. If he heard a song he would start playing the melody on the piano. He would always are with “singer” when asked what he wanted to be.

Live Performance::
아랫담길 (Under Wall Road)


Roh Jihoon (노지훈)


Roh Jihoon was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Roh Jihoon (노지훈) debuted in 2012 under Cube Entertainment.

– He has his own celebrity soccer team.
– Jihoon’s creation process starts with the lyrics. He gets inspiration from objects and tries to create a story inspired by that object.
– The main concept for the album is sexiness.
– He thinks his eyes are his sexy point.
– If Jihoon was in a group he would want to be the center.
– He wants to hear people say that just hearing the sound of his voice is sexy.
– Jihoon is shy with strangers but has a little bit of humor with friends.
– He ideal type has a nice smile, looks good in jeans, and has a personality that is in layers. He wants to peel back the layers and find out more about her.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about 안해도 돼 (No Worries)?
A: The song has two different purposes. One purpose is to tell the fans not to worry more music coming. The other is to talk about the push and pull of relationships.

Q: When sleep is elusive how do you fall asleep?
A: He doesn’t force himself to sleep. If he can’t sleep he’ll turn on the TV and pick a movie, check the reviews, and if it turns out to be a bad movie he’ll end up falling asleep while watching it.

Live Performance::
안해도 돼 (No Worries)

Khundi Panda (쿤디판다), Viann (비앙), and Sumin (수민)


Khundi Panda, Viann, and Sumin were in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Sumin (수민) debuted in 2015 under Luv Jones Records. Khundi Panda (쿤디판다) debuted in 2017. Viann (비앙) debuted in 2014.

– Khundi Panda said he can’t dance and he doesn’t enjoy vibe in clubs unless he is really drunk.
– Sumin says Khundi Panda and Viann know her better than she knows herself.
– Khundi panda lived in China for 8 years and studied in the international division of his school and learned English, and Chinese.
– Viann did a remix of Sumin’s song Mirrorball because as soon as he heard it he wanted to remix it. He contacted Sumin and she gave the go ahead.
– Khundi Panda isn’t the type to approach a potential love interest first.
– Sumin loves the Harry Potter series.
– Viann would like to learn French. Sumin wants to learn Japanese and English.
– Khundi Panda can’t handle it when things go wrong because of his actions.
– When they meet up Sumin tends the be the more emotional one according to Viann.
– Sumin said that Khundi Panda usually goes for all black fashion.
– Khundi Panda moved to South Korea when he started high school.


Q & A::
Q: How did all three of you meet?
A: Viann met Sumin at a club and found out that they had a lot of mutual friends. Since Khundi Panda works with Viann it was natural that they would all meet.

Q: What is Ms.808 about?
A: 808 is the name of a particular hangover remover medicine. Ms.808 is about a time when Khundi Panda saw a girl that was his type at a club. Instead of approaching her, he watched her dance and it was like a refresher for him taking away a hangover.

Q: If you weren’t in music what would you be doing?
A: Sumin – Something to do with music. Life would be hard without music.
Viann – putting all his energy into running his cafe.
Khundi Panda – probably artistic like drawing nice he does some graphic designing.

Live Performance::
Mirrorball & Ms.808

Jeebanoff (지바노프)


Jeebanoff was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Jeebanoff (지바노프) debuted in 2016 under House On Mars.

– Jeebanoff looks himself up at least once a day to see how people are reacting to his music.
– If he ever did a fashion commercial he’d want it to be for a high-end fashion brand.
– His favorite color is yellow.
– He wants to clear up any confusion by saying that he is not a beat maker. He makes the lyrics and overlying melody.
– Jeebanoff says that listening to his album in order is the best way to listen to it because the songs are in a timeline.
– He performs regularly at a club in Itaewon (이태원).
– Jeebanoff would like to have dancing skills.
– He thinks his left side is his best side for pictures.
– He used to wear braces.
– Jeebanoff would like to collaborate with Jay Park.


Q & A::
Q: How did Jeebanoff come to be?
A: It was falsely released that his real name was jeeban and he started using it even though his real name Jaemin (재민).

Q: What kind of song is 진심 (Truth)?
A: Truth is the first turning point song on the album. A transition from feel-good songs to trying to find the truth in his relationship versus what he’s being told.

Q: How did it feel to get your award?
A: He recently won an award at the Korean Music Awards 2017 (KMA). He was honored to be nominated and shocked that he won because he was up against artists like Jay Park, and Dok2. His parents thought maybe he didn’t get the award because a bit of time passed after he received his award without him contacting them to tell them he got it. As a result his mom sent him a heartfelt message to cheer him up.

Live Performance::
진심 (Truth)