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15& was in the Superkpop studio for KStar & Live with DJ 1Kyne. 15& is a female pop ballad duo that debut in 2012 under JYP Entertainment.

The members::
Park Jimin (박지만) – Vocal
Baek Yerin (백예린) – Vocal

About the music::
They recently released their 3rd single 티가 나나봐 (Can’t hide it). 티가 나나봐 (Can’t hide it) is about not being able to hide how you feel when your crush is nearby.

– Jimin lived in Thailand for 8 yrs, she learned english while she was there
– Both Jimin and Yerin are fluent in English
– Yerin lived in New York for 2 years.
– Jimin hates math, but liked gym class.
– Jimin can sing in a helium voice without using helium.
– Yerin’s favorite 15& song is ‘I Dream’, because the lyrics have a special meaning for her.
– Jimin is very outgoing, and Yerin is very calm and kind of shy
– Jimin originally wanted to be a swimmer
– Both of them have a parent who is a singer
– Yerin became a trainee at age 10 and was a trainee for 5 years
– Jimin wants to try acting in a crazy psychotic girl role
– Yerin says her best friend is Taecyeon

Q & A::
Q: Why the name 15&?
A: JYP selected the name because they were 15 at the time, and they will continue doing music forever but the number 15 will never change.

Q: Is there a country you would like to visit?
A: Yerin – want to go back to New York, she misses the food there
Jimin – Thailand, because she grew up there

Q: Who is yout favorite kpop group current;y?
A: Jimin – Akdong Musician
Yerin- BTS (Bangtan boys)

Q: Ideal type?
A: Jimin – either really calm, or really outgoing
Yerin – a guy who is calm like her

Q: Future plans?
A: By the end of May 2014, a full length album is schedule to be released

Live Performance::
티가 나나봐
(Can’t hide it) & Royals (Lorde cover)

Side note::
DJ 1Kyne fanboy-ed several times during the interview


AoA (에이오에이)

AOA (에이오에이) was this weeks Star Date II in the SoundK studio with DJ SeeAn. AOA (Ace of Angels) debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment.

The members::

Name Position Angel Name
Jimin (지민) Leader, rap, guitar Jiminel
Mina (미나) Rap, bass Minaring
Yuna (유나) Keyboard, vocal Yunaria
Hyejung (혜정) Vocal Hyejung.Linus
Seolhyun (설현) Vocal Seolhyunari
Choa (초아) Vocal, guitar Choaya
Chanmi (찬미) Maknae, Rap Chanmi TT
Yukyung (유경) Drums Y (half angel/mortal)

Sub-unit line up::

Black Band White
Mina Mina Chanmi
Yuna yuna hyejung
Choa Choa seolhyun
Jimin Jimin


About the music::
Their recently released single album Red Motion features 2 songs. The title song 흔들려 (Confused) has addictive melody and lyrics that are easy to sing along with. It is about having feeling that cause your heart and mind shake. 니꺼내꺼 (you’re mine) is a cute and lovely confession song where the girls are impressively expressing ‘you are mine’.

– They have three sub-units AoA White, AoA Black, and AoA Band
– AoA Black +1(drummer) = AoA Band
– They watched videos from seniors in the industry to get tips on being sexy
– Fandom = Elvis
– They don’t have cellphones
– A male fan arranged a big display of flowers for Jimin
– Yukyung was hurt while practicing for AoA Band, her hand was paralyzed and had to have surgery

Q & A::
Q: What is the most memorable country you’ve visited so far?
A: Singapore because it was their first overseas performance.

Q: Were there any hardships when preparing for 흔들려?
A: Jimin’s sofa always needs adjusting for live performances.

Q: Which country do you want to visit the most?
A: Mina – Japan because she loves Japanese food
Jimin – USA

Live Performance::

Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단)

Bangtanboys_kpoppin2 Bangtanboys_kpoppin1

The talented and bulletproof Bangtan Boys were this weeks Hot New Face on Kpoppin with DJ Isak. Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단) is a 7 member idol group that debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment, a subsidiary of JYPE.

The members::
Rap Monster (랩몬스터) – Leader, rapper
V (브이) – Vocal
Jimin (지민) – Vocal, dancer
J-Hope (제이홉) – Dancer, rapper
Suga (슈가) – Rapper
Jin () – Visual, vocal
Jungkook (정국) – Maknae, dancer, rapper, vocal

– Fans have nicknamed Jin ‘Pink Princess’ because he likes pink.
– Rap monster is fluent in English and Korean.
– Members claim that Jimin and V have the most female fans.
– Jungkook takes the longest in the Bathroom
– The group showers 2 times a day
– V talks, screams, and Ask for water while sleeping.
– Rap Monster was part of the Korean underground from 2007-2010 when he became a trainee for Big Hit Ent.
– Jungkook would like to go to Australia, Suga to USA, and V & J-Hop to Japan.

Q & A::
Q: What kind of student were you?
A: Rap Monster – was a good student and got good grades but he had no dream for his life until high school. He says the song ‘No More Dream’ is a message to his younger self.

Q: When did you start to feel like I have to be on stage?
A: Rap Monster – when the textbook stopped looking like something to study and started looking like a place to write lyrics.

Q: When you record songs do you just lay down beats or does the CEO give you songs to use?
A: For title track the CEO usually gives them a song and says have fun with it and do what you want to it. For other songs Suga and Rap Monster will collaborate on the beats and start working on lyrics. Then the other members will bring in their own styles, and just blend it all together.

Q: If you were a girl which member would you date?
A: JIn says Jimin because he thinks it would be fun to tease Jimin since Jimin is so shy and quiet spoken.  rap Monster says J-Hope because J-hope is like the umma in the dorm and Rap Monster thinks he would do that much more for his girlfriend.

Q: How did you get your names?
A: Suga – the CEO said he was pale and sweet so they just went with Suga. 
V – was given a voice of 3 names but choose V for victory. 
J-Hope – after you open the pandora’s box and everything is gone all that is left is Hope. The CEO wanted him to be the hopeful member.
Rap Monster – he shouted rap monster in a song before debut and then the company just started calling him that. The name just sort of stuck. At first he was embarrassed by the name but now he likes it.
– bulletproof, because they can withstand all the bullets of negativity and hardships that come their way.

Interview footage::



PURE made a special appearance at the Kpoppin studio for the Hot New Face segment with DJ Isak, June 12th. PURE is a 5 member boy which debuted April 2013 and under Pure Entertainment.

The Members::
Soohyuk (수혁) – Leader, rapper
Jimin (지민) – Visual, rapper
Jungbin (정빈) – Lead vocal
Chanhwee (찬휘) – Main vocal
Younghoo (영후) – Maknae, vocal

About the music::
Their debut album is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the earthquake in Japan and the Hurricane Sandy in the USA. The song ‘I still love you (난 아직도 널)’ is a sad song about waiting for a lost love to comeback again. ‘poverty in the midst of plenty’ is a remake of a Korean mambo dance song from 1998. Their wish is that this album can help create a better world through friendship and caring.

– Soohyuk says that Jungbin is the coldest member of the group. Soohyuk thinks he is a bit closed off when in conversation.
– Younghoo says JImin is the most childish member.
– Jungbin says Younghoo has the biggest heart.
– Chanhwee says Soohyuk has the most dating experience.
– Jimin says Chanhwee is completely different from what he appears to be.
– When Chanhwee gets drunk he steals the members wallets to pay for his drinks.
– Jimin likes to sneak into the showers and tickle the members.

Q & A::
Q: Why do you have colors in front of your names?
A: The CEO gave them colors because:
Soohyuk – white – because he is so pale.
Jimin – black – because he is so tan.
Younghoo – yellow – because he is the youngest and needs to be fresh.
Chanhwee – pink – because when they debuted he wasn’t that popular so the CEO gave him this color to make him stand out and draw attention to him.
Jungbin – blue – because his music can be deep and broad.

Live Performance::
I still love you (난 아직도 널) & This Love (Maroon5 cover)