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Speed (스피드 )

Speed and DJ SeeAn had a Star Date in the SoundK studio. Speed (스피드) is a seven member boy group that debuted in 2012 under Core Contents Media.they recently made a comeback with 놀리러 간다 (Don’t tease me).

The members::
Taewoon (태운) – Leader, rapper
Taeha (태하) – Vocal
Yuhwan (유환) – Vocal
Sejun (세준) – Rapper
Sungmin (성민) – Maknae, rapper
Jongguk (종국) – Main vocal
Jungwoo (정우) – Vocal

– Most of the songs on their comeback album were produced by Taewoon
– Taeha is the member that gets scared easily
– They said being on english broadcast (Arirang) radio was like being overseas
– Yuhwan is the survival type
– Taewoon said Sejun is the member who doesn’t listen to him
– They all like Krystal of f(x)
– They chose their current Circus concept themselves

Q & A::
Q: What did you do during your hiatus?
A: It has been one year and two months since their last tv appearance. During that time they want to master the color of SPEED.

Q: Ideal types?
A: When asked if they like sexy or cute girls, long hair, or short hair, or looks over personality. Sungmin said sexy, Taewoon said looks, and Yuhwan said the hair just has to fit the girl.

Q: As an idol what is you biggest fear?
A: They are still rookies and haven’t gotten to they point where they really have fears.

Live Performance::
왜 난 꼭
(why I’m not), 놀리러 간다 (don’t tease me)


Toxic (톡식)


DJ Sam Carter invited Toxic to the super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising. Toxic (톡식) debuted in 2011 under PonyCanyon-Korea. Toxic is a rock-n-roll duo that has recently released ‘Pheromone’ their brand new single album.

The members::
Jungwoo (중우) – Guitar, vocal, keyboard
Seulwoong (슬옹) – Drums, vocal

– They are known as The White Stripes of Korea.
– They had an adult concert a few days ago, and they played songs from the new album before it was even released.
– Seulwong currently has blue hair and gets hair manicures often.
– They wanted the video for Countdown, the title track for Pheromone, to have a sexy concept.
– They won the first season of survivor show Top Band.
– They both know a few English phrases and have pretty good pronunciation.

Q & A::
Q: If you could rename the group what name would you choose?
A: They like Toxic a lot, but before they decided on toxic ‘strange guys’ ( rough translation) was a name they thought about a lot.

Q: What are your favorite bands?
A: because they have history with them, and respect them a lot.

Q: How did you first get interested in music?
A: Seulwong saw an ugly guy playing music in church but the guy looked cool while playing music. Jungwoo’s mom sent him to a piano academy.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: They went to the same music academy when they were younger. Jungwoo said Seulwong had a mushroom top hair cut as a middle school kid and he looked very cute. Jungwoo went onto say that Seulwong had a bad facial expression because he didn’t like being called cute. Seulwong said Jungwoo was just a very cool older brother and kind of scary back then.

Live Performance::
Midnight (only half the song)