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Ryan was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Ryan debuted in 2012, and is currently under A-soul Publishing (에이소울퍼블리싱).

– Ryan is an R&B singer, songwriter, and producer.
– His real name is Choi Jeong Geon (최정건).
– He didn’t want to be on TV shows because he is usually a composer and gives his song to others.
– He used to be a writer for JYPE and that’s how artist like 2PM received his music.
– He has never met Zion.T but he would really like to met him.
– Ryan has over 10 albums of his own under his belt, as well as several songs he composed on the albums of other artist.
– He says that as a student studying was not his friend, so instead he did a lot of singing, dancing, and part times jobs.
– Ryan says he’s always had a part time job or some sort of employment since he was 17.
– He likes to playing games, but he wants to play with the people in his studio but, there not a lot of two player games. He likes to play a certain popular soccer game.
– Ryan says that at first his parents were closed off about his music career. Now they are more open about it since they are seeing the fruits of his labor (the allowance he sends them).
– Ryan has a new single coming out in April. He is having a concert in May.


Q & A::
Q: Several of your albums have “the legendary” in the title. Are they a series?
A: They are a series with music specifically inspired by certain people, and certain styles of music.

Q: After having do many albums why are you now deciding to debut as an artist?
A: There were many times when he would give a song to somebody and feel like “that should have been mine”. That is why he decided to debut as an artist. So he could do more of his own music.

Q: What are your goals for your music career?
A: He has two different goals. As a singer he just wants people to listen to his music, and chill. As a producer he wants to be worldwide #1, and have people know he produced the song just by listening to it.

Q: Why did you pick Ryan as your stage name / Producer name?
A: His friend gave him a list of names, and he picked Ryan because in Greek it means ‘young prince.’

Live Performance::
독 (Dok)

The Ray (더 레이)


The Ray was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. The Ray ( 더 레이) debuted in 2006 and is currently under NH EMG.

– His immediate family members were all piano majors.
– He was DJ Leah music teacher when she was little. She said that she didn’t remember ever having met him before.
– He has done a lot of OSTs.
– He was in a band at one point in time, and he used to be a backup dancer for Kim Wan Sun (김완선 /the Korean Madonna).
– He used to have a fan club when he was in high school.
– He said his mother drives with a hanbok on.
– The la la la la scale in different pitches are the first step that he teach students learning to sing.
– He likes cute girls
– His role model is Stevie Wonder.
– His most cherished item is chap stick / lip gloss / vaseline because his lips are constantly dry.
– If he could go back in time it would be to when he was in school and dancing, and just being young.
– One of Arirang Radio’s previous signal songs was sung my The Ray.


Q & A::
Q: How did you get into Ballads?
A: He gravitated toward Korean ballad music, because it was a genre with a sound that just pulled him in. When he was in high school he would unknowingly sing rock song in an R&B fashion. Teachers would point it out to him, and that’s when he began to think that maybe he had a taste for R&B.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: His likes taking pictures, and going on drives. He particularly likes taking pictures of the sky. He doesn’t pick a destination when he drives. When he goes to the bus station, he closes his eyes, and when he opens them wherever they land first he will go there for no reason but to go there.

Q: How did you end up collaborating with Soyeon (소연 (from Laboum))?
A: They are in the same company, and we’re on a survival show together, and that’s how the ‘Moment Like This’ duet came to be.

Q: What is 노스탤지어 (Nostalgia) about?
A: Nostalgia is about the past and memories. Is about not being able to go back to that past time.

Live Performance::
청소 (Clean up)

노스탤지어 (Nostalgia)

Victon (빅톤)


Victon was in the SuperKpop studio for K-pop Rising with DJ Sam. Last week they were in SoundK studio for You Who Came From TheStars with DJ Leah. Victon (빅톤) is a boy band that debuted in 2016 under Plan A Entertainment (플랜에이엔터테인먼트).

Han Seungwoo (한승우) – Leader, Rapper, Vocalist
Kang Seungsik (강승식) – Vocalist
Heo Chan (허찬) – Dancer, Vocalist
Im Sejun (임세준) – Vocalist, Visual
Do Hanse (도한세) – Rapper, Dancer
Choi Byungchan (최병찬) – Vocalist, Visual
Jung Subin (정수빈) – Maknae, Vocalist


– The key point of EYEZ EYEZ is the bond dance
– They are going to be in Los Angeles, California next month, and they are looking forward to all the good food.
– Seungsik is the mom of the group, and Seungwoo is the dad of the group.
– According to the members is Hanse “the brain” of the group, because he say random facts at random moments.
– Byungchan is the tallest member in the group at about 185 cm.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning ful to see Cherry blossoms in Korea?
A: According to members Namsan Tower, but don’t go there alone.

Q: If you ever get the chance to be in a movie who would you like to be in a movie with?
A: Subin – Kim Go-eun (Goblin actress)

Q: How do you get rid of the Monday blues?
A: Seungsik – just eat and everything gets better

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: The majority of the group is attracted to girls that are skinny with big eyes, some members like girls with long hair, some like girls with short hair, some like sexy girls, and some prefer cute girls.

Live Performance::
Sunrise (from SuperKpop)

EYEZ EYEZ (from SoundK)

Interview Footage::
Part 1 (from SuperKpop)

Part 2 (from SuperKpop)

Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)


Brave Girls was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Brave Girls (브레이브걸스) is a girl group that debuted in late 2011 under Brave Entertainment (브레이브엔터테인먼트).

Minyoung (민영) – Leader, Main Vocalist
Yoojung (유정) – Vocalist
Eunji (은지) – Vocalist
Yoona (유나) – Vocalist
Hayoon (하윤) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They weigh themselves every morning, and they go to the gym everyday even when they don’t feel well they still go to the gym to at least stretch out their bodies.
– Yoona doesn’t like seeing hair everywhere, especially in the bathroom, so she is the one constantly cleaning the bathroom.
– They used to have 7 members.
– Yoona has three furry children, snaozer puppies.
– Yoojeong left the interview after the introductions and went home because she wasn’t feeling well.
– Yoona has an old brother who is 28.
– They go to other groups, and say hi your my sunbae, and then the other group would say no you’re my sunbae, and because they consider themselves rookies they are just really confused by other groups when they introduce themselves.
– Hayoon can impersonate Zion T perfectly, according to the members.


Q & A::
Q: If you do have your own variety show what would it be?
A: They would want it to be very natural, and in their home.

Q: What is Rollin’ about?
A: It’s a about having a crush on someone and wanting them to notice you, so you constantly appear around them.

Q: I heard you nickname in high school was hospital. Why?
A: Hayoon nickname in high school was hospital, because she almost got hit by lighting. She went outside to see a typhoon and the wind pushed her back inside, and broke her arm in the process. She went to a theme park with classmates with her broken arm, and received a broken leg while there. So, for a period of time she had an arm cast, and leg cast at the same time. Her classmates started calling her hospital, because of her get injured frequently.

Live Performance::