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INX (인엑스)


INX was in the Super Kpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam.
INX (인엑스) is a boy band at debuted in 2016 under NA Entertainment (NA엔터테인먼트).

Sangho (상호) – Leader, Rapper, Vocalist
Bonkook (본국) – Vocalist
Joonyong (준용) – Main Vocalist, Rapper
Jinam (지남) – Vocalist
Win (윈) – Main Rapper


– They can do their group introduction in Korean, & Japanese.
– Right at this moment during the interview they wanted to eat spicy ramboki (spicy dokboki & ramen mixed together).
– The mom of the group is Bonkook, and the dad is Sangho.
– According to the members the one who eats the most is Jinam. He can eat two bowls of rice non-stop.
– The lady killer of the group is Jinam according to the members.

Live Performance::

하고 싶은 말 (Missing You)


Jukjae (적재)


Jukjae was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. Jukjae (적재) debuted in 2014 under Stomp Music (스톰프뮤직).

– When song writing some songs some times it take a couple hours, and some songs take 2-3 years to perfect.
– When writing “별 보러 가자 (Let’s go look at the stars)” he was thinking about someone he liked.
– Jukjae is good at guitar, and drums.
– He says he smiles a lot because of his dog which he’s had almost a year.
– View is the first song he released has Jukjae.
– His hobbies are driving to places with great nature views, and walking his dog.
– He would like to go swim at the beach with his dog. He says it’s hard to find places where he can legally do that.


Q & A::
Q: Why did you choose Jukjae as your stage name?
A: His real name is Jeong Jaewon (정재원), but in school his friends called him ‘Jukjae’ as a play on words. It’s a name that has stuck with him since then. So, he decided to use that as his stage name.

Q: What can we expect from this album?
A: The mini album has 5 tracks that show his true color.

Q: When did you feel the most pride in your life?
A: When he released his first album was a moment he felt a lot of pride in himself.

Live Performance::
별 보러 가자 (Let’s go to the stars)


SuperBEE & myunDo


SuperBEE & myunDo were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. SuperBEE (수퍼비) & myunDo (면도) are rappers that debuted in 2015 under Good Life Crew (굿라이프크루).

– They live in the same building.
– myunDo likes Verbal Jint, and brought his favorite Verbal Jint CD to the studio to give to a lucky listener.
– SuperBEE brought his favorite family game Janga to give away.
– They are pretty much a 1-for-1 deal, they tend to do everything together.
– myunDo likes to watch “Modern Family” when his eating.
– SuperBEE majored in music. He is suppose to be studying English in college, but hasn’t been to class yet. He said he has already given up. He said maybe next year.
– myunDo has 4 ferrets and 2 dogs.
– SuperBEE was on “Show me the Money” several times and refused to give up on music when repeatedly failing to get pasted a certain point in the show.
– Their new boss is Tiger JK.
– myunDo has also been on “Show me the Money”
– May 5th SuperBEE is having a Children’s Day concert.
– myunDo say he has Avery beautiful girlfriend.

superbee1 myundo1

Q & A::
Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: myunDo – I thought SuperBEE was kind of scary but in a charismatic cool way.

Q: What is your most memorable performance?
A: myunDo – his performance on Show me the Money when he made dabbing popular in Korea.
SuperBEE – his last performance on Show me the Money season 5.

Q: Who is you role model or favorite rapper?
A: myunDo – Wale (wah-lay)
SuperBEE – Doesn’t have a role model, or a favorite, because he likes so many rappers it’s hard to pick just one.

Live Performance::
내 이름은 수퍼비 (My name is SuperBee) [SuperBee]

Twenty Free [myunDo]

야망의 냄새 (Sniffin’ My Ambition) [SuperBee & myunDo]

Oh My Girl (오마이걸)


Oh My Girl (OMG) was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. Oh My Girl (오마이걸) is a girl group that debuted in 2015 under WM Entertainment.

Hyojung (효정) – Leader, Lead Vocalist
Jine (진이) – Vocalist
Mimi (미미) – Rapper
Yooa (유아) – Vocalist
Seunghee (승희) – Lead Vocalist
Jiho (지호) – Vocalist
Binnie (비니) – Vocalist
Arin (아린) – Maknae, Vocalist


– The key point of Coloring Book’s choreography is the chicken feet dance.
– From the new mini album, Coloring Book, Arin likes ‘Perfect Day’ the most.
– Yooa says that to look better when dancing be very detailed even with the tips of your fingers, and smile.
– Arin is the member that sleeps the most.
– Mimi’s favorite Benzino & Eminem.
– All the members like R&B music.
– Sushi vs. Pizza? Jiho sushi, & everyone else pizza.
– Binnie says aegyo isn’t her thing.
– Arin is from Busan.
– Yooa is the member with the most midnight snacks. Usually sweet corn with melted cheese.


Q & A::
Q: Who would you like to see the cherry blossoms with?
A: Hyojung – IU

Q: Who are your best and worst at cooking?
A: Jiho is extremely confident in her cooking abilities. Arin’s not good a cooking, not even with ramen.

Q: Who eats the most?
A: Eats the most Rice – Hyojung
Eats the most Desert – Binnie, Mimi
Eats the most Fast food – Jiho

Interview Footage::