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N*White (앤화이트)


N*White (앤화이트) was the Star Close-up in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. N*White debuted in 2013 under J&J Entertainment (J&J 엔터테인먼트).

The members::
Soo Hyun (수현) – Leader, main vocal
Ha Kyung (하경) – vocal
Soo Bin (수빈) – Rap, vocal


– Ha Kyung has experience with acting, and the members think her acting was on point for the music video.
– Soo Hyun admits to falls in love in the blink of an eye.
– The members think Soo Bin is gradually getting prettier everyday, and is also little too conscious of how she looks.
– Soo Hyun’s hidden talent is imitating SNSD’s Tae Yeon.
– The members think Soo Hyun eats the most.
– The members say Ha Kyung’s private image is completely different from the one she shows on TV.
– The relieve stress and relax they eat.
– Their album Paradise has a concept of Peter Pan and Wendy.


Q & A::
Q: What does the name stand for?
A: N*White stands for natural white. They want to give the impression that they can transform any genre into their own style.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: Soo Hyun – currently Oh Hyuk of the band Hyukoh
Soo bin – guys with nice bodies (Kim Woo Bin)
Ha Kyung – someone with a very sexy mind that she can learn from

Q: What are your favorite colors?
A: Soo Bin – red
Ha Kyung – white
Soo Hyun – blue

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with?
A: Ha Kyung – She wants to keep an open mind, but if she had to chose she’d probably pick SNSD.
Soo Bin – Bada
Soo Hyun – MC Mong

Live Performance::
천국 (Paradise)

일기장 (Diary)


uKiss (유키스)

uKiss was in the SoundK studio for Star Date II with DJ SeeAn. uKiss (유키스) debuted in 2008 as a 7 member boy band. They are now a 6 member group under NHMedia.

The members::
Kevin (케빈) – Maknae, vocal
Eli (일라이) – Rap
Hoonmin (훈민) – Vocal
Soohyun (수현) – Leader, vocal
AJ (에이제이) – Rap
Kiseop (기섭) – Vocal

About the music::
They recently released their 8th mini album titled ‘Moments’. The album have 7 songs and 1 instrumental. The title track 내 여자야 (she’s mine) is a warning to other to back away from “my girl.” The track is a hiphop song, which is a genre they had not tried before.

– Kevin thinks Soohyun is the messiest in the group
– When in Korea Soohyun is the main speaker
– Kevin, Eli, & AJ use English when ordering room service when abroad.
– Eli wants to spend Christmas in Fiji
– Hoonmin secretly filmed Soohyun dancing naked at home
– Soohyun took the SAT twice, didn’t like his first score so took it again and got a worse score
– Hoon is on leave from university
– AJ is a student at Colombia Univesity, current take 1 year break
– Soohyun cut his curly hair so he can focus on school studies.
– Alexander & Kibum left the group soon after their debut and were replaced by Hoon and Kiseop
– Dongho left the group in 2013 due to health issues

Q & A::
Q: What is the last album you bought?
A: Eli – Primary
Soohyun – Elvis

Q: Kevin what do you do in you free time?
A: Ride his bike, go to the river near his home, and just spend time with friends

Q: Which member would you pick to be on you Apocalypse team?
A: Kiseop – Hoon because he is the manliest
Eli – Kevin because he is good at running away

Q: AJ who is the first person you think of in the morning?
A: Mom because he is hungry when he wakes up

Q: Do you remember the biggest fight you’ve ever had with your members?
A: About 2 years ago Eli ate AJ’s late piece of 불고기 (a type of meat). Eli asked if he could have a piece, and then just took it without waiting for the answer. This incident upset AJ.

Live Performance::
내 여자야
(she’s mine)

Sunny Days (써니데이즈)

sunnydays soundk1

Sunny Days stopped by the SoundK studio for a Star Date with DJ SeeAn. Sunny Days (써니데이즈) debuted in 2012 under Ha Eun Entertainment. They recently went through a few member changes; adding Gyuhee and Bichun.

The members::
Jihee (지희) – Power vocal
Soohyun (수현) – Vocal
Seoyeon (서연) – Vocal
Sunkyung (선경) – Leader, Main vocal
Soojung (수정) – Vocal
Bichun (비천) – Vocal
Gyuhee (규희) – Maknae, vocal
HwangG (황지) – Vocal

sunnydays soundk2 sunnydays soundk3

– Bichun is fluent in Chinese, and knows French English, and Korean
– Bichun lived in china for two and a half years because of her dad’s job
– Soojung is a good cook, and is always cooking stuff for the group
– Gyuhee won an 80:1 contest to become a member of Sunny Days
– Gyuhee shows her first attempt at acting in the MV 너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐 (meet a girl just like you)
– If Gyuhee is ever on We Got Married she wants to be paired with Hyunwoo

Q & A::
Q: What was you first impression of Gyuhee?
A: She had a beautiful smile and this inner light that shined very brightly.

Q: How has the year since your debut been so far?
A: The year has gone by quickly. They already have 4 mini albums released, and they are more in tune with each other.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the future?
A: Sunkyung said she would like to collaborate with a member of NU’EST. She wouldn’t say a name however she did say not the one that worked at arirang.

Q: Future plans?
A: They plan to show off their best side, so please show them lots of love.

Live Performance::
너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐
(meet a girl just like you)