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Yozoh (요조)


Yozoh was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Yozoh (요조) debuted in 2007 under Magic Strawberry Sound (매직스트로베리사운드).

– Her real name is 신유진 (Shin Yoojin).
– 보는 사람 (Observing person) is part of the movie she directed last year. It’s about how just observing can make you strong but can also make you weak. It is her reaction to the Sewol Ferry incident.
– She likes to drink alone. ( A/N: So do I.)
– She has done some acting. Her first role was in a movie.
– She owns a bookstore. It was originally in Seoul, but when she moved to Jeju Island she moved the bookstore there too.
– Her manager was a fan of hers when she was working as a DJ, he used to send messages to her everyday saying, “I’m here” or “I’m going to school today,” pretty much telling her his schedule. One day he quit his job and she saw him at her company applying for a job.
– When asked what she was good at she said crying. She says she doesn’t believe in tears, because she cries so much, sometimes for no reason at all.
– She said she doesn’t to listen to music.
– 그런 사람 (That kind of person) was written as a gift to a friend on her wedding day.


Q & A::
Q: How did you pick your stage name, Yozoh?
A: She slowly started Yozoh as her nickname for SNS after reading a Japanese novel ‘No Longer Human.’ She related so much to the male lead in the story because he seemed like the male version of her younger self. She thought about using her real name when she was promoting but decided to use Yozoh.

Q: How did you get into music?
A: She got into music when she was working at a part-time job at a jazz bar. They needed someone to do a guide vocal and liked her vocals so much they decided to use it in the official release, but they didn’t tell her. She found out when a CD arrived in her mailbox with her name in the credits.

Q: How did you get your first acting job?
A: The director saw her videos on YouTube and wanted her to play a character in his movie that was unrealistic. He picked her because she had no acting experience.

Live Performance::
그런 사람 (That kind of person)


Ronny Chu (로니추)


Ronny Chu was in the SoundK studio for ywcfts with DJ Leah. Ronny Chu (로니추) debuted in 2015 under DH Play Entertainment (디에이치플레이엔터테인먼트).

– She plays a lot of Banana Pancake, and soundtracks from Harry Potter.
– Ronny is listed as Chinese in the UK health system. The lady registering couldn’t find Korea in their system, so she ended being listed as Chinese.
– Her favorite food is cake (specifically lemon drizzle cake) and pancakes.
– She would like to open a korean vegan restaurant in Liverpool.
– She made french fries (USA)/ chips (UK) at home on the stove.
– Ronny is fluent in English.
– Her role model changes often, because music always surprises her with the way different combinations from the same set of notes.
– She loves Jenny from Blackpink. She thinks she is so pretty.


Q & A::
Q: What is you song ‘Golden River’ about?
A: She wrote it while studying aboard. She wrote to her childhood friends to say “Hi, how are you?” In the song she asks a golden river to care a letter far far away to the people she hadn’t seen in years.

Q: How do you go about the song writing process?
A: She writes songs by herself alone in a room without distraction. She starts with singing the melody but she doesn’t record it. If the next she remembers the melody she’ll continue writing it. If she doesn’t remember it she moves on. She feels that if she can’t remember it then others won’t either.

Q: What is ‘Tell me your name’ about?
A: It was written while thinking about an actor from Kingsman that she thinks is very hot. She was picturing him in a club asking her for her name.

Live Performance::
Golden River & Tell me your name

Baikal (바이칼)


Baikal was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Baikal (바이칼) is a hip-hop boy band that debuted in 2017 under Danal Entertainment (다날엔터테인먼트).

Dokka (도까) – Leader, Rapper, Dancer
Daewoong (대웅) – Rapper
Day (데이) – Vocalist
Yeonwoo (연우) – Vocalist
Kbean (케이빈) – Vocalist
Hochan (호찬) – Vocalist
Noah (노아) – Maknae, Vocalist


– Hochan is in charge of having a baby face and being their morning alarm.
– Dokka snores and members couldn’t sleep so he now has his own room.
– Kbean has digestive dues and stays on the toilet for a long time.
– Daewoong eats passionately. He also stays in the shower the longest he says its because he showers passionately.
– Hochan used to be 120 kilos and uses that to keep focused on dieting because he doesn’t want to go back to that size.
– Noah has the most aegyo, according to members.
– Kbean is the group’s happy virus.
– They are ambassadors of a city in Russian.
– They met Miss Russia while they were there.
– Day was a child actor on an NBC TV series. DJ Leah was a child actress on rival TV series.
– Dokka used to be a backup dancer for BtoB.
– Hochan is a comedian turned singer.
– When they first saw Lake Baikal in Russia they thought it was an ocean.
– Dokka and Kbean used to be in a group called x10.
– Kbean, Dokka, and Day participated in Produce 101 season 2.
– Kbean is the mom of the group and Hochan is the grandma.


Q & A::
Q: Where did the name Baikal come from?
A: Baikal is one of the oldest lakes in Russia, and it’s very deep. Their CEO took inspiration from this lake and chose it as the group name. They want to be as long lasting and deep as Russia’s Baikal lake.

Q: What kind of song is Hiccup?
A: The song is about a guy who sees a pretty girl and gets so flustered he starts hiccuping

Live Performance::
퇴근버스 (Lee Joonho) + Fancy child (Zico) Cover Melody

Good Day (곳데이)


Good Day was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Leah. Good Day (곳데이) is a girl group that debuted in 2017 under C9 Entertainment.

Heejin (희진) – Main Vocalist, Good Night
Genie (지나) – Leader, Vocalist, Good Morning
Cherry (체리) – Main Dancer, Midnight
Chaesol (채솔) – Vocalist, Midnight
Haeun (하은) – Lead Vocalist, Good Night
Viva (비바) – Rapper, Main Dancer, Midnight
Nayoon (나윤) – Vocalist, Good Morning
Jiwon (지원) – Vocalist, Good Morning
Bomin (보면) – Vocalist, Good Morning
Lucky (럭키) – Maknae, Vocalist, Dancer, Good Morning


– Good Morning, Good Night and Midnight are sub-units of Good Day.
– Good Night members are the main vocal line of the group.
– Cherry is the member that misheard things frequently. When they are talking she will be like “Why? What?” repeatedly.
– Viva was voted the aegyo member.
– All the members are good ate eating.
– Chaesol came to practice in her fluffy pajama dress when she was supposed to match the other members with light clothes. She admits to really liking thick clothing.
– Genie’s favorite perfume scent is White Musk.
– Nayoon drew 20 hearts all over her interview paper.
– Chaesol looks like a B1A4 member when she smiles.
– Haeun recently bought white shoes.
– Bomin was voted the member with an interesting habit. She makes strange noises in her sleep.


Q & A::
Q: What is Good Day’s distinct charm?
A: They say it’s their individual energy.

Q: What is your debut song, Rolly, about?
A: Rolly is a cutesy song about confessing your love to someone.

Live Performance::