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Vanilla Mousse (바닐라무스)


Vanilla Mousse was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Vanilla Mousse (바닐라무스) is a co-ed group that debuted in 2015 under Keiz Entertainment (케이즈 엔터테이먼트).

Jinhwan (김진환) – Bassist
Sungho (이성호) – Leader, Guitar
Arim (아림) – Maknae, Vocalist


– Sungho is the project manager for their management company.
– Jinhwan considers himself the visual if the group.
– Jinhwan is a professor.
– Arim takes care if them when their drunk.
– They had their first concert on an April fools day. not many came. mainly family and friends.
– Jinhwan used to get embarrassed when he searched his name and he was the first Jinhwan to show up. Now since iKon, he is not at the top of the list so he feels relieved.
– Arim would buy games with ₩ 3000.
– They would sell rather eat only sausage for a week than only apples.
– Jinhwan would like to have an RV in the dessert.
– Arim has been learning kickboxing lately.


Q & A::
Q: How did Vanilla Mousse become the team name?
A: They were drunk one night and saw one sign that said vanilla and another that said mousse. So that is what they went with.

Q: Please tell the listeners about this song (Regret)?
A: Regret is about those times when you breakup with someone and see them again later and you get this pong in your heart where for a moment you regret what happened.

Live Performance::
Addiction & Regret


SoReal (소리얼)

SoReal had a Star Date with DJ Stephanie in ths SoundK studio. SoReal (소리얼) is a male vocal group that made their official debuted in spring of 2014 under Star Empire.

The members::
Ryu Philip (류필립) – Maknae, vocal
Sungho (강성호) – Vocal
Daegeun (주대근) – Vocal
Jangmoon (변장문) – Leader, vocal

– They live in a dorm
– Philip and Daegeun share a room, and Philip talks in his sleep
– They haven’t celebrated their debut yet
– Daegeun doesn’t like when everyone is too quite
– Daegeun is the entertainer of the group
– Jangmoon’s favorite american singer is Eric Bennett
– Philip can’t live without love
– Daegeun loves Michael Jackson
– Philip makes romantic eye contact with his members

Q & A::
Q: What do you o to warm up your vocal cords?
A: Sungho – sing there songs in a different range
Philip – sing a if talking
Jangmoon – focuses on breathing control
Daegeun – sings going up and down in his vocal range

Q: Ideal type?
A: Philip – sexy girls
Daegeun – has to get the right feeling from the girl
Jangmoon – cute girls
Sungho – a girl who will stand by him, and be supportive and understanding.

Live Performance::
Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

Beat*Win (비트윈)

Beat*Win was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Beat*Win (비트윈) is a male idol group that debuted January 7, 2014 under Heavenly Star Contents.

The members & roles::
Youngjo (영조) – Stage performance
Yoonhu (윤후) – Maknae
Jungha (정하) – Soft guy charisma
Sungho (성호) – Soft guy image
Sunggyu (성규) – Charisma
Sunhyuk (선혁) – Leader

About the music::
Their debut single 갖고싶니 (she’s my girl) is about falling in love and claiming a girl as their own.

– Sungho’s ideal type is a girl who can take care of him and is understanding
– Yoonhu’s favorite food is ramen, and all the members really like meat a lot
– The members have admitted to checked for their name or group name at least once everyday on the Internet
– Kpoppin was their first radio show since their debut
– Sungho found an article about his showcase picture which shows his abs while searching his name
– The members admit to skipping sleep in order to practice singing or dancing
– If Jungha had a super power it would be to stop time so he can keep longer
– Yoonhu talks in his sleep, he also makes fun of Jungha’s name in his sleep
– Sungho wants to visit any place outside of Korea

Q & A::
Q: How did you get the name Beat*Win?
A: They put the name up for vote and Beat*Win won.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: When Sunggyu first saw Sunhyuk, Sunhyuk was very skinny.

Q: What do you remember the most about your showcase?
A: Sungho was asked during a Q&A why he was the only member wearing black pants. He didn’t even realize his pants were a different color until the reporter pointed it out to him.
One member almost took over a part of the dance routine that was not his, but no one noticed his slip up.

Q: Is there someone who want to meet now that you’ve debuted?
A: Sungho – he is a Jumping BoA fanboy and would love to meet BoA

Q: Are there any concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: They would love to do a R&B bump & grind kind of ballad

Live Performance::
(she’s my girl)